Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Midnights Just Came Out. Here’s What It Looks Like.

Compared to her last music video, this one is less about feeling bad for yourself and more about reflection. Remember your high school prom? How far you have come since then? Time marches on and nothing stays the same.

Review of Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited music video for “Midnights” just premiered, and it’s a stunning visual feast. The video is set in a dark, ethereal forest full of twinkling lights and mysterious creatures, and features Swift as a sparkling fairy queen.

The video is absolutely gorgeous, and Swift looks like a real-life Disney princess coming to life. However, the lyrics of the song are somewhat disappointing. The song is about a relationship that ended badly, and while the visuals are beautiful, the lyrics don’t quite live up to them.

All in all, “Midnights” is a gorgeous music video with stunning visuals. However, the lyrics of the song are somewhat disappointing; they don’t quite match up to the beauty of the video.

Similarities between Midnights and 1989

Midnights and 1989 are both dark, atmospheric films with a lot of visual symbolism. They also share a lot of similar themes, such as loss, love, and betrayal.

The opening scenes of both films are particularly striking, set at night in an ethereal world that feels apart from reality. In Midnights, the setting is a black-and-white dreamscape where Taylor Swift wanders alone; in 1989, it’s a dark forest where two lovers meet and then part ways.

Both films use music to create an emotive atmosphere. The soundtracks are led by slow, haunting piano ballads that underscore the feelings of loneliness and desperation at the heart of the stories.

The plotlines of Midnights and 1989 also have a lot in common. Both follow protagonists who are struggling to grapple with painful past experiences. In Midnights, Swift’s character is dealing with a failed relationship; in 1989, the protagonist is struggling to come to terms with the death of her lover.

There are also several scenes in both films that echo each other visually. For example, both feature shots of the protagonists standing alone in deserted landscapes, looking out over vast expanses of empty space.

In spite of all these similarities, Midnights and 1989 are still very different films. Midnights is more abstract and symbolic, while 1989 is more literal and grounded in reality. The two films offer different perspectives on Loss, Love, and Bet

Problems with the Video

When Taylor Swift’s new music video for “Midnight” came out, many fans were quick to point out the various problems with it. Some said that the video was too dark and hard to see, while others complained about the CGI and editing. Many viewers also felt that the video didn’t match the song’s upbeat tone, and that it was overall disappointing.

How Young Taylor Is Represented

“Midnights” is the first music video from Taylor Swift’s new album, “Evermore.” The video features Swift as a young girl, who is transported to a magical world at night. In this world, she meets a number of evening creatures, including a kitten and a dragon. The video ends with Swift returning to her bedroom, where she began her journey.

Swift has said that the video is meant to represent her childhood imagination. “I loved making this video because it allowed me to tap into my own childhood,” she said. “It was so fun to create a whimsical and dreamlike world that I hope will make people feel nostalgic for their own childhoods.”

Where Does She Perform?

In her new music video for “Midnights,” Taylor Swift can be seen performing in a dark, smoky club. She is wearing a black dress and heels, and her hair is styled in loose waves. The video features close-ups of Swift’s face as she sings the lyrics, and also shows her dancing with a group of people.

What Time Does She Perform in Japan?

The video for “Midnights” was released on October 23, 2019 at midnight JST which is 11 AM EDT. The video was shot in Japan and features Swift performing in various Japanese locations.

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