Taylor Swift Responds to Claims She Has the Worst Private Jet

If you’ve ever wondered if Taylor Swift has the worst private jet, here’s the scoop. After all, she has a $150 million Gulfstream G650. How much carbon dioxide does it produce? How many carbon dioxide emissions does her $150 million private jet cause? Read on for more. Here are some other facts you might not know about Swift’s private jet. Also: Did she use it to fly from Palm Springs to Van Nuys?

Taylor Swift’s $150million Gulfstream G650

Taylor Swift’s personal jet has a lucky number thirteen painted on the front. Taylor’s registration number, N898TS, stands for her initials, and it seats up to twelve people. The singer has used the plane to fly her two famous boyfriends, including Conor Kennedy from Massachusetts to Nashville and Harry Styles to England for the Jingle Bell Ball. But why is she so fond of flying her private jet?

The carbon footprint of a private jet is a hot topic among environmentalists, but what exactly does a celebrity’s carbon footprint look like? While Taylor Swift has been mum about her private jet’s carbon footprint, environmentalists point out that the singer logged 1185 times more CO2 than the average American in 2018. The star has generally stayed quiet about climate change but has been a recent guest at various music festivals.

The singer has made at least 170 trips on her luxury jet. She is said to have spent over $40 million on the aircraft. The lucky number 13 is on her jet and represents luck. Fans slammed the singer’s tweet regarding climate change, but her team responded to the criticism with a statement of their own. Unlike Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian hasn’t disclosed the cost of her jet, although it has been reported that the singer owns a PS40million Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet. The plane has a bedroom and two bathrooms and sleeps up to seven passengers. The plane even has a full kitchen and can serve up to seven passengers.

Taylor Swift’s carbon dioxide emissions

Recently, a report titled “Taylor Swift’s carbon dioxide emissions” made headlines, alleging that the pop star is among the worst celebrities when it comes to carbon emissions. Her private jet clocked up nearly 170 flights since January, producing 9.142 tons of carbon dioxide per flight. Swift’s reps have defended the singer, however, by stating that the singer has many fans and lends out her jet to other people when she doesn’t use it.

One of the authors of the report, Yard, said, “We’ve used the data from the CelebrityJets Twitter account to rank the worst CO2 emissions by celebrity.” The data used in the study is not comprehensive – only 21 celebrities were tracked since January. Despite the controversy surrounding Taylor Swift’s carbon footprint, the study’s findings are still highly relevant, revealing the extreme inequality of wealth and privilege when it comes to CO2 emissions.

A study by Yard, a digital marketing firm, found that Taylor Swift’s jets have caused the biggest amount of pollution. The singer’s jet has been logged over 170 times this year, equating to more than 1,200 tons of CO2 over the course of her career. A typical person’s annual CO2 emissions from flying are about six to ten metric tons. However, these private flights are the cause of much of the climate crisis, as CO2 emissions are a large part of the climate crisis.

Taylor Swift’s flight from Palm Springs to Van Nuys

The actress and singer’s flight from Palm Springs to Van Nuys was tracked by the social media account CelebrJets. According to the account, the flight took about 15 minutes, and the plane stayed under one hour. While that may seem like a short distance for the singer, it can cost upwards of $72,000 to hire a private jet and fuel. So how can she afford it?
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A recent study published in the journal Science of the American Chemical Industry found that many of the world’s largest corporations and organizations are among the most polluters. The report also ranked celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian-West as the worst polluters. Although Taylor Swift’s flight cost $844 to complete, her trip took only 18 minutes. That means she could have driven the 47 miles between the two airports, saving money and time on fuel.

The study’s authors, Yard, based on data from Celebrity Jets, found that Swift’s private jet is the biggest CO2e polluter of all celebrities this year. Since January, her plane has made over 170 trips, logging approximately 22,923 hours of CO2e. Although Swift denied this claim, the report did not discredit the company’s methodology. Yard’s study was published just a few days after Kylie Jenner has branded a local weather prison for posting an image of her matching private jets.