Machine Gun Kelly, aka Colson Baker, is still refusing to answer a battery lawsuit that he has received from a disabled parking zone attendant. The victim claims that he pushed the man in a spat that resulted in the injury. The singer was spotted outside a bank on Aug. 23 by the parking attendant, who has now filed a lawsuit against him.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court clerk found Machine Gun Kelly in “default” after he failed to respond to the lawsuit filed by a disabled parking lot attendant. The actor and director filmed the incident without permission. He is now attempting to get the court to throw the default away. Until now, his lawyer has said that he will fight to win the case. If he does not answer the battery lawsuit, he will lose the right to receive a civil penalty and damages.

The LA City Attorney’s Office decided not to file charges against Machine Gun Kelly because of his fame. However, the LA police said that the rapper was not at fault and that the lawsuit had been filed prematurely. This is not the first time the singer has denied a battery suit. His lawyers have been sued in a different case since 2009. He is currently in a jail cell and is being held on bail.

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As far as his reaction to the battery lawsuit is concerned, Machine Gun Kelly has been blaming his fame and not his ability to respond to the case. In fact, he’s claiming that false news reports led to his failure to answer. The LA City Attorney’s Office, however, decided not to press charges against him. But the LA Police Department has decided that it is unfair to punish a celebrity who is trying to make a living from his fame and not responding to lawsuits.

The LA County Superior Court has ruled in favor of the victim after the plaintiff failed to respond to the suit. Despite his inaction, the judge has ruled that he did not answer the complaint. As a result, the LA City Attorney’s Office has declined to press charges against the star. It is not clear why the judge’s decision was made. Moreover, the lawsuit was filed in the first place because the actor did not respond to the complaints.

Despite the false news reports, the rapper has failed to answer a battery lawsuit. The LA City Attorney’s Office says that he is “in default” and is unable to respond to the complaint. It is not clear how the case will end, but if he fails to respond, the case will go to trial. In the meantime, the court will make a ruling on the matter.

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