Why Military Challenge Coins Make the Perfect Gifts for Veterans

Military challenge coins have a longstanding history and association with the military. They feature a unit’s logo and are presented by commanders to honor achievement. The coin-sized bronze medallions have a fascinating history and meaning and are the perfect gift for veterans. They help them keep connections to comrades they served with, even after they leave the military.

They Make a Statement

Why Military Challenge Coins Make the Perfect Gifts for Veterans

Whether worn or displayed, military challenge coins help veterans and first responders share their stories. Aside from being unique keepsakes, they also provide a way to connect with the past meaningfully and emotionally.
As with any tradition, there are various stories about how military challenge coins started. One popular account is that they began in WWII when Office of Strategic Service members were deployed to Nazi-occupied France and needed a method of proof that they were indeed part of the group during meetings with French agents. To keep out potential spies, the OSS would each present their challenge coin to each other, and the others in the meeting would examine the specific aspects of each one to confirm the person’s identity. Regardless of the exact origins of military challenge coins, they are now used to commemorate people, places, events, and other things. For example, they are often used to celebrate a veteran’s retirement, a big promotion, or even their return from a mission.

They Show Appreciation

Military challenge coins are a great way to show appreciation for those in uniform, whether at an event or while traveling. This tradition isn’t limited to the military, as many civilian organizations have adopted the practice.
A military challenge coin is a small medallion bearing an insignia or emblem of an Armed Forces branch. The idea is to instill pride and esprit de corps while allowing members of the same unit to recognize one another. They are also used to honor achievements, such as promotion or completion of specialized training. There are a lot of different stories about how the military challenge coin came to be. Still, one popular account involves a WWI Army Air Service lieutenant who handed them out to his squadron before they flew missions. When he was captured behind enemy lines and believed to be a spy, the Germans confiscated all his belongings except the commemorative coin, which showed he was part of an American flying squadron.

They’re Unique

If you have a friend or family member who has served in the military, they likely have a collection of challenge coins. They were awarded coins for merit, leaving a base, receiving a promotion, or even meeting a dignitary. These coins are a symbol of appreciation and can bring a boost of morale to those who receive them.
These coins have become a symbol of service and camaraderie within the United States military, with each unit creating its unique coin with its emblem or motto. They have also been adopted by civilian groups such as police departments, fraternal organizations, and sports teams. The history behind these coins is both fascinating and inspiring. They tell the story of service members and their unwavering dedication to one another. They are a way to honor the legacy of those who came before them and keep the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood alive. They are also a great way to show appreciation for veterans, as they have a special meaning beyond just an ID card.

They’re Sentimental

Many military members develop large collections of challenge coins from units they served with, special groups, or specific missions. They display them to show their pride in service and camaraderie with others. The sentiment is especially powerful for veterans who often feel as though they are forgotten by the nation they fought for.
The history behind challenge coins is a mystery. Some believe they started in Vietnam, where Army infantrymen would go to bars on leave and try to prove they had been in combat by holding enemy bullets. Eventually, they created a way to do this without holding up the bullets: a coin-sized piece of metal with their unit’s insignia. The tradition spread to other military branches and police and fire departments. Now, even top government leaders, including the President of the United States, carry distinctly designed challenge coins to share with those they meet. They symbolize the places they’ve been, their experiences, and the lifelong friends they’ve made along the way.

They’re Affordable

If you’re in the military, you’ll eventually receive a challenge coin as recognition for your courage, dedication, and hard work. In the past, soldiers would show their coins to security guards at airports and other high-security locations, as they helped them recognize members of their unit who might be impostors. Today, you’ll find challenge coins handed out at military units and other special events and presented by private companies and organizations. Some people even collect these unique memorabilia; some challenge coins commemorate specific battles and events. Regardless of how you came across your military challenge coin, it’s still a great way to display your pride and build camaraderie with other members of your unit or organization. Civilians, such as law enforcement officers and school alumni groups, have adopted the tradition.