Terry Lee Flenory Old Picture from Black Mafia Family

Terry Flenory Junior is an amazing and famous American actor, producer, and rapper. He touched the peak of fame while playing the role of Demetrius Flenory (his father) in the ’50s cents, BMF( Black Mafia Family). 

Terry Lee Flenory is also famous as Lil Meech and ‘Southwest T’. He was born on 22nd April 2000 in Miami, Florida, United States. So junior Terry Lee’s Flenory age is 23 years.

Parentage Of Terry Flenory

The name of Terry Flenory’s father is Demetrius Flenory, also known as Big Meech, who was born on 10th January 1970 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. So his current age is 53 years. 

His father’s name is Charles, and his mother is Lucille Flenory. His two siblings, Terry Lee and Nicole, also grew up with him. 

Demetrius Flenory and his brother Terry Lee are famous nationwide. They started selling drugs and other illegal substances on the streets of Demetrius during their high school days.  

Demetrius Flenory never married, and Latarra Eutsey is the ex-girlfriend of Edward Demetrius Flenory, who is the mother of Terry Flenory. She is a real estate specialist. She is working for Real Property Executives, LLC, in Plantation, Florida. 

Demetrius Flenory has been incarcerated since Terry Flenory Junior was five years old. He was among one of the founders of the Black Mafia Family and an entrepreneur, investor, and drug dealer. 

This BMF is a notorious organization that was involved in smuggling, trafficking of drugs, murders, money laundering, and multiple other illegal activities. 

Why Is Terry Flenory Famous? 

Terry Flenory is famous for the Black Mafia Family TV series, which is still on air since 2021 and gaining worldwide fame. He appeared in other projects, too, which are Taurus and Europhia. 

He started his career with his debut song, “Bad Habits”. His other hit songs include Ptap Life and Manifesto, and Spooky SZN. He included a half-minute voice recording of his father from jail. 

He was also arrested on 13th December 2022 but was released soon as he paid the bond of $2500. In Florida, at Fort- Lauderdale Airport, this incident occurred. A firearm was found in the carrying luggage of Lil Meech. Later on, he was acquitted of the charges of gun possession. 

Terry Flenory’s Family and Kids

There is no solid evidence about the marriage or kid or the names of senior Terry Flenory’s kids. However, according to a few reports, he has only one kid, Lil Meech. According to other resources, he has a few alleged kids. 

Manesa Mia Hussey is his alleged daughter. How did people come to know about her? Big Meech’s mother wished her a birthday while sharing her picture on her Instagram account. In this way, she came into the limelight in 2019. 

Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory is another girl who claimed to be Big Meech’s daughter. However, she has been disappearing for the last decade. 

Neeka Flenory is another alleged daughter of Big Meech from his girlfriend, Lori Walker.

Another lady Demetria Flenory is claiming to be Big Meech’s daughter. She also relates her mother’s death to him. 

Another lady, Queen Turdy, is also claiming to be Big Meech’s daughter. She has an Instagram account with more than thirty-five hundred followers. 

Tonesa Welch is the First Lady of the Black Mafia Family and Terry Flenory’s wife. Tonesa Welch was born in Detroit and released from jail in 2014 after serving for four years. She was involved in money laundering. 


Big Meech and SouthWest T (brothers) founded the BMF in the late 1980s in Southwest Detroit. This organization soon became one of the most influential and largest trafficking organizations in the United States. 

Cocaine, marijuana, and Ecstasy were the few drugs they used to distribute internationally. This organization is also notorious for murders, intimidation tactics, and other violent activities. However, the DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration) disbanded this organization in 2005. 

Both brothers were arrested for federal offences, money laundering, cocaine distribution, and firearm possession. In prison, Terry has been involved in multiple jail programs and expressed his remorse for being involved in evil tasks as a part of BMF.

In 2008, Terry Lee Flenory was sentenced to 30 years in jail for running an illegal organization. Terry was released in 2022. However, Big Meech was sentenced to lifetime prison and is not released yet. According to a report, Terry was shot in the eye in 2022 and died. However, there is no clear evidence of his death. 


Flenory’s story teaches others the effects of involvement in criminal organizations. His activities affected him, his family, his community, and many other innocent people. 

So we should try to avoid illegal activities and never break the laws. Everyone should adopt a positive attitude towards life and all other activities of life. Don’t harm others with your activities. Live and let others live peacefully. 


  1. What happened to Terry Flenory in real life?

In real life, Terry Flenory has been released on house arrest because of COVID-19. He will serve his remaining sentence at home on house arrest. 

  1. Where are Terry and Meech Flenory now?

Both were arrested and convicted in 2008. However, Terry was released on 5th May 2020 because of his health issues and is now at home serving his rest sentence at home. His brother Meech Flenory is still in prison. He also requested compassionate release but was rejected because he kept on promoting his evil activities. 

  1. Why did Terry and Big Meech fall out?

In 2003, both fell out because of business issues. According to Terry, Meech was involved in the wrong type of partying in business. They were not even speaking to each other. 

  1. Is Terry Flenory a part of BMF?

Terry Flenory is one of the founders of BMF (Black Mafia Family), which is involved in multiple illegal activities.

  1. Did Terry Flenory have kids?

Nothing is confirmed about his kids. However, he has one kid, according to a few reporters. 

  1. Is Terry Flenory alive?

Yes, he is still alive and serving his sentence in the home prison.