From Late Night Host to Singing Sensation: Jimmy Fallon's 'The Voice' Experience

“From making us giggle with his witty jokes to blowing us away with his musical talents, Jimmy Fallon has become a household name in the entertainment industry. And just when we thought we knew all there was to know about this late-night host turned multi-talented performer, he surprised us once again by taking on the stage of ‘The Voice’. Today, we dive deep into Jimmy Fallon’s journey as a singing sensation and reveal how he brought down the house with his stunning vocals. Get ready to be blown away!”


Almost everyone knows Jimmy Fallon as the host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” But what many people don’t know is that Fallon actually got his start in showbiz as a singer. That’s right – before he was cracking jokes and interviewing celebrities, Fallon was crooning on stage.

When he was just a youngster, Fallon would often sing at local talent shows and school events. It wasn’t until he was in college that he realized his true passion for comedy, but his singing talents certainly came in handy when he landed the gig as host of “The Tonight Show” in 2014.

In addition to hosting duties, Fallon has also found time to pursue other creative endeavors – like serving as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice.” He joined the show for its 13th season in 2016, and helped one lucky contestant, Alisan Porter, snag the top prize.

Fallon’s experience as both a singer and a comedian make him the perfect candidate to judge on “The Voice.” He knows what it takes to be successful in the music industry, and he also has a great sense of humor – two qualities that are sure to come in handy when dealing with the sometimes-quirky contestants on “The Voice.”

History of Jimmy Fallon’s Career

Jimmy Fallon’s career in the entertainment industry began when he was just a teenager. Fallon started out as a stand-up comedian, performing at various comedy clubs in New York City. He soon caught the attention of television producers and was cast on Saturday Night Live in 1998. Fallon became a regular cast member on the show and quickly became known for his impressions and sketches.

In 2004, Fallon left Saturday Night Live to pursue a movie career. He starred in several films, including Fever Pitch and Blades of Glory. While his film career did not quite take off as he had hoped, Fallon found success with his next venture: hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The show quickly became a hit, thanks in part to Fallon’s hilarious antics and musical guests.

In 2014, Fallon made the jump to The Tonight Show, taking over for longtime host Jay Leno. The move proved to be a wise one, asThe Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon quickly became the most-watched late night talk show. In addition to his duties as host,Fallon has also found time to pursue his passion for music. He has released two albums of original songs, titled Blow Your Pants Offand Drop the Mic.

His Blind Audition on “The Voice

In 2014, Fallon took his musical talents to the reality TV stage when he appeared as a contestant on “The Voice.” Fallon gave a blind audition that wowed the judges and earned him a spot on Adam Levine’s team.

Fallon’s performance on “The Voice” was praised by fans and critics alike. His cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” garnered rave reviews, with many calling it one of the best performances of the season.

Fallon ultimately finished in third place on “The Voice,” but he left the competition with his head held high. He proved that he was more than just a talk show host with a few singing skills; he was a bona fide singer who could hold his own against some of the best talent in the business.

Overview of the Judges Reaction and their Comments

When it was announced that Jimmy Fallon would be a guest judge on season 7 of The Voice, fans were excited to see how he would do. And he did not disappoint! Fallon was funny, supportive, and sweet with the contestants, and the other judges loved having him there.

Here are some of the best comments from the judges about Fallon:

• “He’s the nicest guy in the world!” – Blake Shelton

• “He brought so much energy and positivity to the show.” – Christina Aguilera

• “He was a great addition to the panel!” – Adam Levine

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Fallon, then you’ll definitely want to check out his guest appearance on The Voice!

What Happened After His Performance

In the months after his performance on “The Voice”, Jimmy Fallon’s career as a singer and songwriter took off. He released his debut album, “Singing With the Stars”, in late 2012, and it quickly became a hit. His follow-up album, “The Tonight Show”, was released in early 2013, and it also reached the top of the charts. Fallon’s success on “The Voice” has helped to launch his career as a successful musician.


Jimmy Fallon’s experience in the music industry is truly inspirational. Not only has he carved out a successful career as a late night host, but he also managed to make the leap into singing with his own album and performance on ‘The Voice’. His success shows that it is possible to transform yourself if you are willing to put in the effort and have faith in your talents. We wish Jimmy all the best for his future musical endeavors and look forward to hearing more great hits from him!