Mr. Beast’s Remarkable Project: Restoring Hearing to a Thousand People Worldwide

Famous YouTuber Mr Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has helped 1,000 deaf people hear again.

By paying for advanced hearing technology, mothers and fathers can hear their children for the first time, children can hear their parents, wives can hear their husbands, and so on. allowed.

He didn’t stop there either.

Along with audition gifts, he gave away tens of thousands of dollars in cash, Taylor Swift concert tickets, basketball court tickets and more.

Likewise, not all the people he helped were from America. Mr Beast and his team have restored hearing to deaf people in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, South Africa, Malawi and Indonesia.

Plus, they understand that hearing isn’t the only way to connect people, and they’re donating $100,000 to an organization that teaches sign language.

Help history
This is the latest installment in the YouTuber’s long series of charity videos, the latest of which included restoring the sight of 1,000 blind people.

Mr. Beast, who currently has 151 million subscribers on his main channel, is known for using his platform to help others.

In fact, it’s the main theme of his rise to YouTube stardom.

One of his first videos went viral, where he randomly approached a homeless person and handed him $10,000.

Since then:

We will give random people a new car and a whole house
Donate 20,000 pairs of shoes to children in Africa
Wells are built in Africa
The beach is clean
He planted millions of trees
Houses that were built to survive the tornado and houses that were built for the homeless
He opened a “bank” where he gave free money to everyone
Millions of dollars of aid for Ukrainian refugees is planned
Dozens of other great charities. Donaldson has now created a separate channel dedicated to charity called Beast Philanthropy. They say 100% of all profits from sponsorships, advertising revenue and merchandise sales go towards “making the world a better place”.

A history of criticism
Despite the undeniable goodness of these Mr Beast videos, they have faced considerable backlash.

They share opinions.

Some question his motives, arguing that he is just trying to think big and make more money. Some say it takes advantage of vulnerable people to create content.

Some say it covers a wider range of issues. Many say that no one considers it a charity because they make money from their videos.

His fans are on his side
However, many people praise Mr.Beast’s efforts.

Fans note that he raises awareness about important issues and uses his money to make a difference unlike other rich people.

Likewise, some say he used donations to fund more philanthropic work. This can make money, but which is a good cause.

Mr. Beast also responded to the criticism. In one of his tweets earlier this year:

He also announced a long-term goal in 2020 that is more reason to save money that critics argue.

Time will tell how the response to the latest charity video will be. What do you think? Is Mr Beast a hero or a villain?

You can watch the video here.

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