If you’re a fan of the Grammys, you’ve probably heard that Kanye West isn’t being allowed to perform at the award ceremony in 2022 because of his recent comments. The host of the show has previously decried the rapper’s behavior, including the way he treated Kim Kardashian. He’s also suggested that the rapper seek therapy. However, a lot of fans are concerned that he’s simply trying to make a point.

The Grammy Awards have been in the news this week for Kanye’s ban from appearing at the event. The rapper is currently up for five Grammys, including Album of the Year and Best Rap Song. The Emmys’ decision to ban the rap star came after the Blast reported that Ye had asked the show’s producers to remove his appearance, saying that a face-to-face meeting between the two would be inappropriate. On Twitter, Noah responded by tweeting, “I said counsel didn’t cancel his performance!” Despite the ramifications, the comedian didn’t comment on whether he’d be attending this year.

A source close to Noah said that the singer’s tweet didn’t bother him and that he had not specifically requested that Ye be removed from the Grammys. Furthermore, the source added that Noah didn’t find the tweet offensive and had commented on it on Instagram. The screenshots were verified by his team and haven’t changed since. It’s not clear what the situation with the rapper will be, but it’s certainly not good.

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The decision to ban the singer has prompted an outcry among fans. Despite a tweet from Ye praising the comedian publicly, he also chastised the rapper for his recent behavior. Several sources claimed that Ye didn’t cancel the Grammy show because he doesn’t want to be judged in public. In addition to the Twitter outcry, Kanye’s rep confirmed to E! News that the rapper was indeed removed from the lineup.

A source close to the comedian told that Noah never asked the Grammys to ban the rapper, but the rapper’s Instagram post triggered the backlash. The controversy has been causing many to question the legitimacy of the decision. But the comedian’s reaction was understandable. He did not ask for the Grammys to “ban” Kanye. He also pointed out that he did not ask the host of the Grammys to ban the rap artist from performing at the awards.

The show’s creator also said that he’s firmly defending his friend Kanye West. After all, he’s a host at the Emmys and has no problem standing up for his favorite rapper. The two had a public spat in February when he was young and his mother was shot. And he said that Kanye called him “koon” after his mother died.

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