The “Fancy” singer is causing a stir on the Internet once again. She’s revealing the most outrageous photos of herself and her new beau, and they are sure to go viral. The songstress is wearing a backless woolen dress and a diamond pendant earring. She is also sporting a bold red lip and a high ponytail. In previous posts, she has revealed pictures of herself on a swanky getaway. In one of these pictures, she poses with a huge red lip and a ponytail.

The pop star is currently on tour in America in support of her new album, Future Nostalgia. Despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the singer has continued her worldwide tour despite the quarantine. In July, Dua Lipa was spotted getting cozy at the British Summer Time Music Festival in London. In September, she attended a Marc Jacobs show in New York City with her supermodel sisters, and this past November, she made her red carpet debut at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Another recent post by the British singer showed her love of yoga. In an Instagram story, Dua Lipa and a friend posed for a photo while taking a sound bath. The sound bath is a healing ritual used in Tibet. Ahead of the tour, she also shared a photo of her red-painted toenails and a glam evening. Although Dua Lipa is not currently on tour, she has already made it clear that she works out most days of the week.

The British singer is notorious for spending a lot of money on luxury cars. Her BMW M4 is worth $135,000, while her Audi A6 is worth a reported $9 million. In the past, she’s donated millions of dollars to the Sunny Hill Foundation in Kosovo, a charity that helps people suffering from poverty. Her latest posts about her latest trip to the United States have made her the most talked-about female artist on Spotify.

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Dua Lipa’s recent trip to the UK has been interrupted by her second copyright lawsuit. She has been accused of stealing material from a disco song from two decades ago. In the latest lawsuit, the singer has denied any wrongdoing and is being sued. The songwriters of “Levitating” have accused Dua of plagiarizing their songs. The court ruled that the singer was using the music of both of their former collaborators.

In addition to a lawsuit claiming a plagiarism, the singer has also been snubbed by her fans for stealing her song. She has a long list of fans who have supported the singer. She broke the internet with her most recent post in May, which revealed her boyfriend of the past two years. She has also been accused of plagiarizing the songs of the songwriters who signed to IMG.

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