Nicki Minaj Claims Women in Music Today Haven’t Experienced Hate Like She Did in the Past

Nicki Minaj recently made a controversial comment regarding how young female artists in the music industry are treated. The rapper and actress commented on how the female musicians of today don’t face as much “hate” as the female rappers did in the past. She also noted the growing pains of social media. In her response, the rapper explained that the females in the music industry should stop complaining and start working hard.

The controversy surrounding Minaj’s comments prompted Minaj to respond to Leray on Twitter. In a recent Instagram Live chat, the singer mentioned that she has experienced more “hate” than many other female rappers. She said that she hasn’t experienced the same type of hatred as other women in the music industry. In response, Coi Leray urged other female musicians to stop talking about the “hate” and focus on creating music.

In an Instagram Live chat with fellow rapper Coi Leray, the rapper was asked about the “hate” she’s faced in the music industry. She replied by saying that she’ll never use Twitter again. She calls out the reporters who harassed her family. It seems that Nicki Minaj is referring to the negative comments about the female musicians in the music industry in general.

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However, there’s a more troubling issue looming over female rap stars. During an Instagram Live interview, Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray, a 15-year-old rapper, spoke about their success in the music industry despite the “hate” they have faced. In response, Minaj told the young rappers to stop talking about the hate and start working on creating their own music.

The American pop star has claimed that she has never experienced such hatred from women in the industry. In an interview with the British magazine, Minaj also denied that she is gay. She also said that “hate” doesn’t exist. This is in contrast to the “blackfishing” allegations by Leray. The latter’s comments suggest that Minaj believes she has no sexual orientation in her music.

Nicki Minaj’s comments on the issue of hate have been met with mixed reactions. The rapper’s Twitter feed has since been flooded with comments stating that “hate isn’t a problem,” she reportedly wrote. She also claimed that Leigh-Anne and her manager, who had been blackmailed, are “unscrupulous.”

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