The Australian group MUNA have praised Phoebe Bridger’s influence on their career, praising her for helping them reach their goals. They have signed with the Data label, which is helmed by the singer. They have a new single called ‘Something However Me,’ which is a nostalgia-filled summer hit. The song is a rousing political statement and also an ode to their first gay kiss.

Phoebe Bridgers has praised the direction she’s taking Muna’s career. The group have released three studio albums so far, and their debut self-titled album will be out on June 24th via Saddest Factory Records. The band’s music is extremely honest, and they’ve been praised by the press and music industry alike for their fearlessness and vulnerability. Their songs are both catchy and thoughtful, and they’re always striving to push the boundaries of what they’re doing and pushing the limits of their craft.

MUNA have been praised by Phoebe Bridgers for ‘guiding their career.’ The band joined Phoebe’s Saddest Factory Records to work with her. Their new single ‘Silk Chiffon’ will be released in September. They will tour alongside Kacey Musgraves in 2020 and will be headlining the BottleRock festival in September.

In October of 2020, Bridgers started Saddest Factory Records, a label she co-founded with RCA Records. The label champions the careers of emerging artists, including the LGBTQ+ community. Since then, they’ve garnered four GRAMMY(r) nominations and one MOBO Award. Their debut EP, ‘Punisher’, has been certified Platinum. The track’s success also earned the band a Billboard #1. It is available on Spotify, iTunes, and the Saddest Factory radio show.

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The critically acclaimed “Punisher” will be released in December. MUNA has toured extensively in the past year and has toured with Jimmy Kimmel. They have praised their manager and mentor for guiding their career. The Australian duo have received four Grammy nominations. They are a popular group with a diverse fan base. They have praised Phoebe Bridgerrs for guiding their careers.

Phoebe Bridgers is one of the most prolific female singers of our time. She has won four Grammys and two songwriters awards. In addition to her solo career, she has also toured with boygenius and Sloppy Jane. She’s had success with both of them. With this new album, she will be able to win another in the same category.

MUNA have praised Bridgers’ guidance of their career. The band will headline a headline tour this fall. The dates and venues are listed below. MUNA recently signed with The Great Escape festival. They have praised Phoebe for guiding their careers. These days, it’s impossible to imagine a world without music. They are queer, loud and unafraid to speak their minds.

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