Katie Price’s mum has spoken out about the increasing number of cosmetic surgeries she’s had. The reality TV star has already undergone a brow lift and liposuction, and she recently opted to have a boob op in Turkey. The star’s body has also been put through a lot of stress and strain, and the award-winning plastic surgeon Alex Karidis worries that it’s under too much stress.

The celebrity’s family has also spoken out against the procedures, saying that they’re not worth the trouble. A spokesperson for Price’s family said: “We are disappointed in her cosmetic surgeries and wish her well.” She added: “I haven’t regretted any of them.” It is unfortunate that her appearance has been subjected to so much scrutiny.”

The star has undergone an array of surgeries. Her first face lift was performed in 1998, and she went on to undergo an eye and brow lift in Belgium last month. The cost of these procedures was paid by the TV show “Mucky Mansion,” which charted the renovations of Price’s Sussex home. In 2008, she was down to a size 32F. Now, she’s back to her former size.

Surgeon fears Katie Price’s body is stressed out due to too many surgeries. She has had 13 boob jobs and a double chin implant, a tummy tuck, a breast reduction, and a tummy tuck. She has been left in ‘horrendous pain’ after the procedure and has not changed her habits.

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Surgeon fears Katie Price’s body is stressed out from all the surgeries she’s had. She has had a total of 14 surgeries. The first one was in December 2017. In January, she secretly underwent a second one in Belgium. The last two surgeries were done to improve her self-confidence and make her more appealing to the public. Both procedures were performed to correct an imbalance in her facial features, and were performed in a manner that made her look unrecognisable.

Surgeon fears Katie Price’s body is being stressed after so many operations. The actress had the first boob lift in February 2017 and a second in April 2017. The surgeries were both performed in the same day, but doctors are unsure if the patients will benefit from the procedure. The tummy tuck is not the only procedure that can cause damage to the skin.

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