On a recent brunch date, Justin and Hailey Baldwin were spotted holding hands and looking at each other. Just a few days after Hailey was hospitalized for a blood clot, the pop star put an arm around his wife, who was clearly feeling well. On Sunday, March 20, Justin and Hailey were spotted out in Los Angeles, heading to a private members’ club. The couple appeared to be dressed in casual clothing, with the singer wearing a grey NBA sweatshirt over a blue top and blue sweatpants. The young couple paired their look with a white beanie and white Nike sneakers.

Despite the hospitalization, Justin and Hailey were seen on a brunch date on Sunday. The two were photographed together in LA’s SoHo House, and Justin looked to be a loving husband while holding Hailey’s hand. The two were wearing casual outfits, with the singer wearing a grey NBA sweatshirt over a blue top. Neither of them made any comments about the incident, but Hailey did elaborate on her Instagram Story, saying that she had been in the hospital for a blood clot and experienced stroke-like symptoms.

Despite his seemingly unfavorable behavior and absence of attention for his wife, Justin Bieber appeared to be a loving husband on Sunday, March 20. The couple stepped out together in Los Angeles, where they walked to Soho House, a private members club. The pair wore grey NBA sweatshirt tops and blue jeans. Earlier this month, Hailey was hospitalized with a blood clot and stroke-like symptoms.

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After a week-long battle with a blood clot, Justin Bieber is showing signs of love and care. The pop star appeared to be clinging to Hailey while she walked the streets of Los Angeles in a casual blue denim and grey NBA sweatshirt. Their relationship, however, is not perfect. The singer was previously hospitalized for a blood clot on her brain on March 10.

Despite the couple’s strained relationship, the couple appeared to be close and supportive. The two were spotted at Soho House in Los Angeles, where the two were spotted enjoying a brunch. Both wore casual clothing – a light gray sweatshirt and blue denim. While they seemed comfortable, Hailey was dressed in a crop top and a blue denim dress.

During their brunch date, Justin Bieber put his arm around Hailey, a sign of love and care. The couple wore matching blue and grey denim tops and sneakers, and a grey basketball sweatshirt over a blue top. While the couple did not appear to be holding hands, the affection they showed for each other was evident. They also held hands while out for a stroll in Los Angeles.

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