Justin Bieber has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against two women, claiming that they were sexually assaulted by him. The women filed the suits in 2020, alleging that he was responsible for their assaults. However, the court found that the allegations were not true, and the case was dismissed with prejudice. This means that Bieber will not be allowed to file the lawsuit against the same women in the future.

The lawsuit dated back to March 2015, when Kadi Djibrine accused Justin Bieber of sexual assault in New York City. The lawyers for Justin Bieber argued that the singer never stayed at the hotel where the alleged attack took place, and that the photo evidence showed he was at an after-party when it happened. The court ruled that Kadi’s statements were false and she had no basis for pursuing a defamation suit against him.

The two women who made the accusations were both women of age. Both women claimed that they were abused by the singer at a New York City hotel in March 2015. The attorneys for Justin Bieber, who filed the defamation suit in Los Angeles Superior Court, did not give any details about the settlement. The women did not return requests for comment on the matter. While the lawsuit will continue, it will continue to be followed closely.

The two women sued Justin Bieber for defamation after publishing their allegations on the Internet. The lawsuit was initially filed in 2020 against two Twitter users for allegedly harassing the singer. While the court did not detail any settlement details, the lawsuit was deemed unfounded. The singer’s attorney has not responded to a request for comment. The suit is no longer being pursued.

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The lawsuit was filed by Danielle Djibrine, who alleged that Justin Bieber had sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in Austin, Texas. Her lawyers stated that she did not attend the hotel where the incident occurred, but had a hotel room at the rental property. The two women fought for their rights, but they were unsuccessful. The case was dismissed in both cases.

The lawsuit was filed by Danielle Djibrine, who had claimed that she was assaulted by Bieber during a South by Southwest concert in April 2014. She also claimed that Bieber had sexually assaulted her in an Austin hotel room after a night out with Selena Gomez in March 2015. Although these claims were made by Danielle, Justin Bieber’s legal team pointed out that she did not have a room at the hotel at the time.

Some civil law jurisdictions consider defamation to be a crime, while others treat it as a civil wrong. In 2012, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights ruled that criminalizing libel violates Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. In civil law, the person who defames another person can be called a “defamer” or a “slanderer”.

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