A photo of Katie Price with her daughter Bunny, a year after she launched a violent attack on ex-Peter Andres‘s wife Emily, has caused a huge controversy on social media. The former “Suits” star posted the image on Instagram, where fans criticized her for possibly placing her daughter in harm’s way. Nonetheless, her fans have stood by her side, claiming that she was simply taking a photo of Bunny.

A fan of Price’s defended the decision, saying that she was simply following tradition. The actress claimed that she was honoring her husband’s heritage by wearing neutral make-up in the photo. The fans’ reaction was largely supportive, but some questioned why the aspiring model would put on so much make-up. She later retracted criticism by saying that she was only doing it for attention.

The Instagram post was widely shared, as Katie Price tries to distance herself from the scandal. Her daughter’s face looks fresh and radiant and her daughter is wearing a full face of make-up. The photo, however, has sparked a debate between fans. Some thought it was harmless fun, while others were upset that the actress was showing off her daughter in so much make-up.

After the attack on Peter Andres, Katie Price has pictured her daughter with her son Junior and her son Bunny. The two co-parent three children together: Princess and Junior, Bunny and Jett. They were also in the news when her son was attacked on the set of Love Island. The new couple had just met in April and had a brief courtship in November. Although their relationship is not officially over, the new parents are still sharing their life and making the best of it.

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After the attack on Peter Andres, the two actresses appeared together in the first episode of ‘Suits’. The actresses are the parents of their daughter Princess and her son Junior. The pair share a son, and have been dating for the past five years. After the shock attack, the two reunited and shared the pictures of their children. Earlier this year, the former couple was seen on a camping trip with their daughters.

The new baby girl is a girl named Bunny. Their mother is so excited to see her daughter again. She has been with her daughter since the incident, and they share a bond as a result of their shared experiences. Andres’ sex. After the attack on Peter Andres, the actress embraced her daughter, and the two continue their relationship.