After a few months of teasing the public about her upcoming wedding, Kate Middleton stepped out on her own for a photoshoot for her 40th birthday. Italian photographer Paolo Roversi had already commissioned the shoot and persuaded the Duchess to give it a go. The couple said that Kate is notoriously camera shy and was reluctant to take part. However, she eventually agreed to dance for the photos, which he said are “a very special set of images”. The pictures were taken in a four-hour shoot that ended with her choosing the image she liked best.

For her birthday shoot, the Duchess of Cambridge chose an accelerated waltz and rock ‘n’ roll. The photographer, Paolo Roversi, told People that Kate wore little make-up and danced while posing for the pictures. The photographer said that he took more than 250 shots in four hours. The best one was chosen by Prince William. The photo is now available online, so you can see it for yourself.

The Duchess of Cambridge posed for a photoshoot in which she danced to the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll and waltz. The shooting took place at Kew Gardens, where the royal couple lives. The photographs show three sides of the royal couple, and it’s likely the images of the duchess dancing will stay private. After the session, the photographer selected a few of the images for the collection.

The photos of the duchess of Cambridge were released today and reveal a different side of the royal family. In the first photo, she wears a light dress while in the second photo, she carries a rich ruby red dress. Her hair is loose and curly and her makeup is natural. The photos were shot by Paolo Roversi, a famous fashion photographer who has worked with Vogue and Vanity Fair.

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During the shoot, the Duchess of Cambridge looked elegant and radiant. She also made her famous husband feel good with the photos. The photos are also part of an exhibition that will feature her beautiful children and their portraits. The Queen and Prince William were the first royals to have portraits taken of their children. In her thirties, she was a model, and her hairstyle was very natural.

The National Portrait Gallery also plans to display the photographs in her hometown. The pictures are set to be displayed in Berkshire, Anglesey and St Andrews. The couple met in college and spent their first years together in Wales. Kensington Palace confirmed that the Duchess will be spending her birthday alone. The Royal couple will also throw a joint party with Prince William to celebrate their 40th birthdays.