Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are competing against one another.

In the words of the Star, Kate Middleton is a type of woman who adheres to royal regulations, however the reality is that she doesn’t like her life as a working royal senior

In reality, a source has claimed it is believed that Prince William‘s spouse is jealous his sister-in-law’s freedom. In the end, Markle is able to sign lucrative contracts and even talk about politics in her appearances.

Because Middleton is so in love with Markle she’s, according to reports stalked her Duchess of Sussex on the internet. The queen’s future consort would like to know Meghan Markle‘s schedule and what she’s doing all day long and on weekends.

“Kate’s in awe of Meghan’s new lifestyle – almost to the level of obsession. Kate secretly is a troll Meghan through social media, and then Google her to find out what she’s been up to.

It’s ironic that when Harry as well as Meghan quit for their home in the States, Kate snapped up their former social media guru, David Watkins, for her own team,” the source said.

The source further said that being compelled to remain from important matters is just one of the many reasons that upset Middleton.

“She complainsthat Meghan puts money over the morals of her family or friends, however it’s evident she’s unhappy. Who wouldn’t want to being in the $14 million home located in Montecito?” the source told.

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Based on the information from the sources, the Duchess of Cambridge is also believed to have hidden ambitions to be an Hollywood famous. The closest she has come to allowing her dreams to be fulfilled was at the time she was in attendance at the premiere of the film No Time To Die.

It’s also not true the fact that Kate Middleton is craving for Markle’s life in Hollywood.