The reality star and football star have both been on the Greek island of Mykonos in the summer of 2013 – and Chloe has since claimed that she had a wild night of dancing alongside the England star following a meeting at the nightclub

Chloe Brockett has claimed that she enjoyed a wild evening of partying and having fun with soccer star Jack Grealish last summer while participating at the Euro cup.

The 21 year old Towie actor was in The Greek Island in Mykonos with their colleagues when she walked into contact with the 26-year old Jack who, according to reports, took an interest in the reality TV star.

Jack was in his Greek island with a few members of the members of his England football teammates It is not clear whether his long-term partner Sasha Attwood, 25, was also on the island – but the former sweethearts spent a vacation with each other at Dubrovnik, Croatia, the following week.

Chloe says that Jack took a flier to her when they were both together at ToyRoOm Nightclub, which is located in Xenias in the Greek Island – before the footballs tar dragged the TV star to return to his villa for a holiday.

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Chloe revealed to Daily Reuters on Sunday: “Jack and I happen to have been in Mykonos in the same spot and at the exact time. I’d never seen or talked to Jack prior to that. I didn’t know who he was prior to the Euros but I was able to watch the game with England.”

She then claimed she was “no idea” if he recognized her time in Towie but she was happy at the prospect of being invited to his home.

She stated: “My first impression of him was that he appeared to be delightful, extremely warm and chatty. He’s also obviously gorgeous. He was charming and lovely.