A former nanny of star Katie Price has given a police report and may have been a potential witness to the assault. The suspected attacker was arrested three times and has since been released under investigation, while the woman who attacked her has been freed. Paramedics and ambulances also filmed the incident. A woman who worked at the home of the star’s ex-nanny told police that she was attacked while at a friend’s home. The victim suffered bruises and a fractured jaw, but she didn’t die.

The police believe the woman who attacked the actress and her children was the one who threw the toddler into the air. The nanny told police that the man had thrown the toddler onto the floor, and a man had tried to hit her. The two women were then driven to a friend’s home, where they were taken to the hospital. The children were also rushed to the hospital, but Katie Price didn’t need to be admitted.

The alleged attacker has been released on bail, and the nanny’s witness statement is being investigated by police. The nanny’s statement is important, as it could be evidence that could prove that the suspect is responsible for the attack. The nanny’s statement also provides valuable information about the alleged attacker. The nanny has given a witness statement to police following the incident.

Katie Price nanny’s witness statement to cops after attack left the star in hospital has been revealed to show that the nanny was acting in self-defence, despite being a ‘bad driver’. She was allegedly attacked by a man after she drank too much, and the nanny was convicted of the assault. After she was arrested, the nanny apologised to the police, and the man was bailed until next month.

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The nanny, who nannies for Katie Price, gave a police witness statement to the police after the alleged assault on the star’s nanny in Essex. The suspect was arrested and remanded in custody after the incident, but has since been released on bail. It’s unclear whether the nanny was involved in the incident.

The attack that left the star in hosp was the result of a drunken driving crash, with the actress driving her car after a night of cocaine. She also claimed that the crash was “traumatic”, but added that she hoped to marry Carl Woods this year. Although the divorce was painful, she said she was glad to move on and hope for no more dramas in the next two years.