If you haven’t had the chance to hear, Britney Spears is finally free. She seems to be enjoying herself and sharing how much she’s enjoying her new freedom on Instagram. Particularly, Britney uploaded a few naked pictures at the end of her Thursday evening. She chose to not allow commenting on her post. just in time between a sentimental post about going to restaurant for the very first time, and the image of surrealist artwork created by the artist Mark Ryden.

Was I shocked to find Britney’s naked body on my feed, without any warning? Sure. Would it be logical for her to upload naked photos to millions of fans and critics to look at just months after her release from a very restricting 13-year conservatorship? Totally.

There is no person in our culture that better embodies the way in which patriarchal societies can completely control the female body. In the course of a shocking statement before the court in season, Spears admitted to being forced to perform even in ways she did not want and was forced to take psychiatric drugs without her permission and being denied the right to have children through an IUD she didn’t want. Her image has been commodified, sexualized and manipulated since when she was just being a teenager.

It doesn’t look as if Spears was ever afraid of her sexuality, or not a sexy image (the schoolgirl dress that she wore in her “Baby One More Time” video was her idea in fact). However, this is the first time in a long while that Spears has been able determine her time and the way she’d like to display her body for nothing else other than her own. I can’t think of anything more than that.



If these photos are a sign of Spears taking back control of her sexuality that’s what I think of the photos, she’s with the best of them. Emily Ratajkowski, who first was famous after her appearance in the famous music video of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” described being a victim of the sexualized body that was marketed by artists and photographers in an essay in the memoir My Body that was released in the magazine The Cut. After the photographer started selling books of naked images of her, with her consent Ratajkowski wrote that “I searched for him at times online; I thought I was monitoring the part of me that was missing that which he had now taken over. Through the years, as I made a name for myself and a reputation, he kept that Emily within the cupboards in his creaky old house, awaiting to sex her out. It was awe-inspiring to discover what he’d accomplished with this piece of me that which he’d taken.”

Britney’s Instagram isn’t an actual Playboy layout or thought-provoking essay collection The pictures are simple and aren’t accompanied by the careful artistic direction and strategically angled angle we’re used to seeing on Instagram, particularly from famous people. Mirror selfies are the norm featuring Britney standing straight and moving forward in one picture and standing with her feet separated with her feet apart in another. Her hair is tossed over to the side, and she is wearing high-heeled white thigh-highs that are sheer as well as the white lace choker.

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The lighting is poor and there’s a dismantled white stocking on her back that is in some way touching. The most shocking thing about these pictures isn’t that she’s naked . we’ve seen Britney often naked in the past. They’re just plain honest, amateurish, and artless authenticity. These are the kind of photos I’d want to take at the end of the night only to not be able to save on my mobile. They’re obviously completely Britney and Britney completely alone. She captioned them with: “Free woman energy has never felt better.”