Billie Eilish has had enough of being judged on the way she dresses and her sexuality. The 19-year old singer spoke on the “dehumanizing” standards that she always stood by.

The “Bad Guy” singer debuted her new style during her appearance at the Met Gala, and although certain fans loved it some were not so thrilled.

She says she has lost 100,000 Instagram followers after she posted an image of her in corset and blames it due to the “large boobs,” according to an interview with Elle Magazine.

“Just because of the boobs, I lost 100,000 followers.” “Big boobs intimidate people,” she said.

The “Lovely” singer shared a collection of photos on the 11th of July wearing the Miaou tomato-print corset and an lace bra that pokes through. Some have suggested they feel Eilish is changing.

“The industry definitely transformed you,” one fan told me.

“People are emotionally connected to these memories. “However, it is quite dehumanizing,” she said.

Eilish also called attention to the industry’s double standards.

She yells out, “Or my sexuality!” “Like, well yes, that’s the business of everyone else, right?” It’s not. In the case of males, where’s that vitality?” Eilish had inquired.

Like many famous people who became famous in their early years was initially influenced by popular opinions.

“All I wanted to do was make a song once, and then I just kept making songs.” “Hey, take note of my life,’ I’ve have never said. My friends know that I don’t want to hear [untrue comments[bad commentary]. It stings me when I receive harmful messages.”

The magazine mentioned Madonna in their interview with Eilish who spoke out to support the young artist and also she compared her struggles with hers.

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“The issue is that we still live in a very sexist culture where women are classified,” Madonna said.

“You belong to one of two types: whore or virgin. Billie began her journey in the non-sexualized category, never attracted to the public, and not showing their sexuality in any way that she wanted to and God thank her for. After all, she’s just an teen. Why should she be punished when she decides to change her mind and capture pictures in which she’s shown as a woman of the feminine and exposes her body in ways she’s never done previously done before? Women should be able express themselves in the way they like.