Kim Kardashian has been accused of taking photo ideas to her very current Skims Campaign from another reality show host.

Kardashian, who is 40 Kardashian, 40, had the world eagerly anticipating her new commercial for the company on Thursday. The launch also featured sister Kourtney Kardashian, as well as the actor Megan Fox as models. Draya Michele, who is a model and actress, has accused the reality star of copying her ideas for photo shoots.

In a report by Page Six Michele her actress who was the former “Basketball Wives” actress, shared two images in Instagram Stories. The photos are of Instagram Stories that look eerily like Kourtney and Megan sharing a meal while posing seductively in front of each another in the most recent Skims campaign.

Michele can also be seen handing models Tanaya Henry cherries as they are seated on a couch with only underwear on in two of the photos she posted.

The photo shared by Michele was originally posted via Kristen Noel Crawley. “Black women are always the blueprint, and don’t you forget it,” Crowley wrote in the caption.

Michele She counts 8.5 million Instagram followers, shared the message on her Instagram Stories, and endorsed the statement.

Kim was once close to Crawley who founded KNC Beauty, who was even in the Skims advertisement of the year 2019. Don C, her husband’s clothing designer, is believed to be in close contact with Kanye West Kim’s estranged husband.

Crawley as well as Kim were reported to be going on the run in November 2020 after Kim removed herself from following Kim’s KKW Beauty CEO on social media. The root of their dispute remains a mystery.

It’s not the only time Kim was accused of borrowing who has an idea. Fashion enthusiasts said the same thing in November 2017: Kim was the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” model copied designer Rei Kawakubo, and Demna Gvasalia for her kids’ collection.

In the following paragraphs, Page Six stated that the object in question was intended to be an “homage.”

North West, Kim’s eldest child with Kanye West is accused of copying. In her father’s Yeezy concert in march 2020, the tiny girl sang a song which was nearly identical to the one performed by 5-year-old YouTube superstar ZaZa.

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The parents of ZaZa’s daughter compared her video to that of North and pointed out that she worked with her father on her own song.

“We are PROUD of creation and believe that it merits RESPECT/HONOR, whether it comes from a youngster or an adult!” They wrote “What is @kimkardashian (Kanye West) and their daughter are doing… With ZaZa’s influence as well as our families in our minds, everything is okay… and we’re certainly not upset