It’s been a shocking week for celebrities as Denise van Outen has dumped her Gogglebox star fiance, Eddie Boxshall over his phones. The couple were due to tie the knot this year, but the discovery that Eddie was texting and messaging other women made them split up. However, they remain inseparable despite the breakup, and their love will never be the same.

Sadly, the news has left many fans heartbroken, but they are not surprised. The two were only engaged two months ago, after meeting on Any Dream Will Do and later became best friends. The couple previously dated Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay for three years. In the same year, they dated nightclub owner Richard Traviss, who they married in 2003. They had a baby together.

The relationship between Denise van Outen and Eddie Boxshall is over. She told her followers that the two had dated other women after she found out that he was cheating on her with women he met online. She also asked him to leave her home, and now they’re living with friends. After all, he was supposed to be her boyfriend for life.

The news is devastating for Denise, who has two grown-up children from a previous relationship. She is still hopeful about the future and says the split will help her move on with her life. ‘I’m a happy single girl,’ she told The Sun, a British magazine.’ But the couple are no longer together. She has already moved in with a friend, and they’ll both try to move on with their lives.

“She’s also a single mother. Her daughter’s father is a teacher, and he isn’t married to anyone yet. But she does love him dearly. They are still engaged, but she’s a single mother. She will be the one to decide if she wants to marry her new husband.

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Although Denise had thought that their relationship was forever, Eddie betrayed her by sending a message to another woman. The two had a daughter together, and they both had secret dates. Their daughter Betsy, 11, and her former husband Lee Mead, 34, were together for seven years, but they split over his phone sex.

After rumors of his sex life, Denise van Outen was distraught. She had been engaged to her Gogglebox star fiance for nearly two months but had to leave home for reasons that she couldn’t deal with. The pair had been separated for more than a year, and she is preparing to divorce.