Despite their 13-year-long marriage, Laura and Luke Hamilton have split. They were living together in their family house when Scott discovered a letter from Laura to Luke. The letter revealed that Luke had raped Laura. In response, Scott attacked the man and made him fall overboard. Everyone thought that he drowned. When Luke rescued Laura, he grabbed her leg, but she was stunned. They ran away together and decided to make a fresh start in life.

While it is not clear what caused the split, Laura has admitted that change can be scary. In a post on Instagram, she shared a photo of the converted house where they lived together for the past nine years. The post received more than 140,000 likes within an hour, and has been liked by a large number of her followers. Rocco and Laura Hamilton married in 2012, and have two children. Since the split, the couple have remained in touch but removed any traces of each other from their social media accounts.

Despite the breakup, Laura has continued her career and pursued her dreams. She began developing properties when she was only 19 years old. In 2011, she turned her love for property development into a career. She had been hosting ‘A Place In The Sun’ on a regular basis since 2011. Her passion for property development led her to make her dream a reality. And while a new chapter of her life is scary, Laura Hamilton hasn’t let that stop her from moving forward.

Despite their differences, they share a strong love for each other. They reunited on a farm, where they spent their first love. They now own a cafe together. After a long time, they have reunited with each other. It is a sad day for the couple, but they will remain close to each other forever. And that’s what makes them so unique.

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After their relationship dissolved, Laura and Luke were still married. They had two children. However, the relationship between the two ended when Lucky found out that his wife had been raped. Then, the couple decided to divorce and begin dating separately. After their breakup, the couple got back together again and started planning a lavish wedding. Fortunately, the relationship between the pair has become stable.

Although the two had been married for 13 years, they were still living separately. The couple had three children together. However, Luke had a long-term affair with her boyfriend, Luke. Their relationship was strained by the tensions between the two and their families. It was difficult to be together because he was a single mother. Both parents were very emotional, but Laura was able to keep her cool.