Celebs Go Dating star Ulrika Jonsson showcased her stunning body in a gorgeous selfie following a night drinking

Ulrika Jonsson has delighted her fans as she posted a string of photos that offered fans an inside view of her abs she’s been working on and her secret tattoo collection.

The TV host, who is 54 took the time to post on her Instagram story to share her candid photos to her followers of 181k.

With just a black bra and necklace viewers were able to admire the ex- Gladiator model’s body art in full, covering her arms and chest.

With her blonde locks dangling free behind her Ulrika captured the gorgeous photo in her bathroom, with a the second photo that was released shortly afterward.

With a little more black camisoles in the final shot the TV actress laughed that she believed she looked cute when she decided to post on social media for a selfies.

In the second picture The mother of four put the caption across her lower half.

The author wrote “When you come home under the influence of [alcohol], with a face of makeup on and you think you look cute but actually you’re just p ****d.”

This Celebs Go Dating star had been on the streets earlier with fellow celeb Chloe Brockett who she had been in a variety of photos with.

Ulrika isn’t afraid of the idea of a night out with friends as she told her fans during November she been up for a while with two males in her home following an especially wild night that was a reason she was barred from a nightclub.

Following the wild night the actress admitted that she had fallen several times. She then shared the experience to her fans.

The 54-year-old recalled getting food at McDonalds after falling down and waking up to strangers at her home as a result of her day out.

Her post read “About the time last night. In a bar, encountered a sexy bunch of women.

“Fell in my arse three times. I was chucked out (yes I was me). My handbag was stolen Then I discovered it. I was able to get an Maccies while driving home.

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“There are two men sleeping in my house. I don’t know who they are.”

The Swedish model shared a humorous video of her living room where she reminisced about her night to her followers in greater depth, confessing she was proud of having a party in her 50s.

She added: “So about last night I have so many things that I don’t even remember.

“I’ve come home with a bruised, swollen, sore wrist with scratches on it. I also have a really sore a ***, from falling over.”

She was sorry for disrupting an evening with a bunch of women whom she had met out, and seemed to have a great time.