James Arthur and Jessica Grist are believed to be in an ongoing relationship following their they met during The X Factor in 2012

James Arthur is believed to have reconciled with former girlfriend Jessica Grist after splitting up just six months back.

The couple, who are believed to have been in an on-off relationship for nine years, has reportedly “stayed in touch” after their breakup in the last few months and are now back together.

The singer-songwriter, who is 33, first started relationship with Jessica in 2012, when she was a dancer back-up for The X Factor – during the seasons that aired on ITV program, which James was later crowned the winner.

It was believed that they had been split in 2015 prior to coming back together two years after. Then, it was reported that they had separated again in May of last year, after having “grown apart.”

The couple is believed to be reconciled once more after being seen together in an auto repair shop that specializes in this as reported.

An insider told the outlet: “They’ve had six months apart but have always stayed in touch, and got on very well.”

The couple said that people who are who know their relationship feel “pleased they’re back on,” saying that they have an “definite chemistry” and that they’ve been together over “the best part of a decade.”

The source added the possibility of an opportunity for a “fresh start” for James and Jessica whom they claimed have always been able to find “something really good” between them.

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After their split in the year James dropped his album for the fourth time – It’ll Have a Meaning in the End in November. The album reached number 3 on the UK Charts.

The award-winning musician is believed to have written tracks with the album that include Medicine which had been released as single during the same year.

In advance of the album’s release James announced that he’s planning a UK as well as Ireland tour that will begin in the next few months. The tour will start in Bournemouth and conclude in Dublin.