The fashion designer and reality TV star has been dealing with health problems lately, including acid reflux, swollen feet, and insomnia. Her two children, Ace, eight, and Birdie, too, are growing up fast. Last week, she shared that she was hospitalized for bronchitis and had to be sedated for several days. Fortunately, the star’s experience was not life-threatening, but it was certainly terrifying.

The actress has three children, Maxwell, nine, and eight, including a baby girl named Birdie, two. In January, she was hospitalized with bronchitis for a week while she was expecting Baby Maxwell. The doctors were able to stabilize her, but she was extremely scared. Luckily, she gave birth to a healthy two-year-old girl.

The reality star has been open about her aches and pains in public since announcing her pregnancy last September. She has since been diagnosed with bronchitis and was hospitalized for one week for a week. She also shared several pictures of her bed-ridden condition, which she said “made me feel very nervous.” The star has also been candid about her struggles as a mom-to-be, sharing pictures of a broken toilet seat and asking fans to give her advice on certain ailments.

The singer has been busy with her family in recent years, and recently made her debut as a mother. She and Lachey have two children, Ace Knute, five, and Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, six. On social media, Simpson has detailed many of her pregnancy’s health issues. In January, she shared photos of her swollen foot. She tried cupping therapy, an ancient Chinese massage technique.

In addition to her relationship with Nick Lachey, she has also released her own Christmas album, ReJoyce, which was released in 2004. The couple has two children, and she recently released her first book, Will You Maui Me?, in which she opens up about her experience while pregnant with her third child. In the interview, the star reveals that she had to stay in the hospital for a day because she felt too scared to dress her children for Halloween.

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Despite the scariness of her hospital experience, the singer’s story is an empowering one for all women. The singer opened up about her experiences during a recent interview with Radar Online. In the interview, she revealed that she had previously denied being gay. The report further revealed that she had been sexually abused as a child. She said that she had to stop drinking alcohol, but she did not want to lose her confidence. After regaining her health, she decided to try pills. Nevertheless, she continued to drink. During this period, she had a scary hospital experience, which led her to seek help.