The reality TV star is preparing to become a cosmetic practitioner by enrolling in a £2,000  course. After completing the training, she plans to apply lip fillers and Botox. Last week, she revealed her new plans on social media, saying she hoped to have a “dramatic-free” 2022. The former model and former reality TV star are aiming to be a full-fledged cosmetic surgeon and could end up getting a proper job doing cosmetic procedures.

The reality TV star is determined to prove herself and hopes to get a proper job after learning how to apply lip fillers. She has said she was embarrassed by her drink-driving crash, which resulted in a 16-week suspended jail sentence. She said she was determined to do something about her ruined appearance, and she is hopeful that she can make a good living doing it.

The reality star admitted she was ashamed of her past and wants to get a proper job after learning how to apply lip fillers. The singer also admitted that she regrets her first boob-job, at the age of 18. She said she is now too young to understand the benefits of these cosmetic surgeries, and she hopes to learn more about them. She hopes to find a proper career after she becomes a professional.

The reality star hopes to learn how to do lip fillers after she finishes her training. Despite her past blunders, she hopes to get a proper job after she has learned how to perform the cosmetic procedure. Besides learning how to do lip fillers, she also hopes to become a professional makeup artist. She plans to work as a makeup artist. If she is successful, she could be a professional in this field.

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In September, Katie Price was arrested for driving under the influence and flipped her car. She had five previous driving bans and was given a suspended 16-week jail sentence. Later, she was also banned from driving for a year and received a two-year ban. The judge gave her a six-month prison sentence after she learned how to do lip fillers, but her punishment was less than she expected. The trial was filmed on video and the court decided that she did not have a criminal record, but she was charged with underage drinking.

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After learning how to do lip fillers, the former reality TV star hopes to get a proper job after she tries to do it herself. The procedure involves a simple procedure that will help her gain the confidence she needs to work in a professional setting. Once she gets the necessary skills, she hopes to get a proper job. Afterwards, she will be able to perform surgeries on celebrities.