The former glamour model Katie Price rang in the New Year by refreshing her appearance by putting on a new pout, despite being scared of needles

Katie Price has started the new year with the most beautiful pair of lips, despite being terrified of needles.

Instead of dancing in the evening The 43-year-old journalist went to the salon with the goal of adding some bulk to the pout of her.

While earlier this week, she said she’s afraid of needles when she received the boost jab however this did not keep Katie from trying this Russian treatment for her lips.

The mother of five didn’t hesitate to share a series videos while she was going through the process at midnight on the New Year’s Eve.

In a message to her fans She said: “So this is me on New Year’s Eve. Everyone is likely planning to go out. Here’s me with Ellie She is about to show me some Russian lips. They are long overdue.

“I hate needles but good numbing cream and gentle touch with Ellie.”

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The actress instantly adored her newly hairstyle, and she said: “There you go lips all done. I love it from the side. Love them.”

The model is not only an avid user of injectable cosmetic treatments, but she plans to be able to perform the treatments herself.

She stated: “Also guys, just to let you know that I have been studying for the past six months to be ready for my own aesthetics class with Ellie. I am so excited.