Who Should Replace Henry Cavill As Superman?

Henry Cavill time as Superman is coming to an end. The actor, who has played the role of the Man of Steel since 2013’s “Man of Steel,” is reportedly parting ways with Warner Bros.

The news comes as a bit of a shock, as Cavill has been a staple in the DC Extended Universe since its inception. He’s appeared in three movies as Superman – “Man of Steel,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “Justice League” – and was even briefly seen in last year’s “Suicide Squad.”

With Cavill out, the question now becomes: who should replace him as Superman?

There are a few names that come to mind, but the most obvious choice is Tyler Hoechlin. Hoechlin played Superman on The CW’s “Supergirl” for two seasons and was universally praised for his portrayal of the character. He’s already got a relationship with Warner Bros. through The CW, so getting him to switch over to the DCEU wouldn’t be too difficult.

Another option could be Michael B. Jordan. Jordan is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars right now and has already expressed interest in playing Superman. He even met with DC Films head Geoff Johns about the role back in 2016.

Whoever ends up replacing Cavill as Superman, they have big shoes to fill. Cavill brought a new level of seriousness to the character and will be remembered as one of the best actors to ever don the cape.

What Did Henry Cavill Do?

There has been a lot of speculation as to who will replace Henry Cavill as Superman. Some believe that it should be someone who is already well-known in the superhero world, such as Dwayne Johnson or Tyler Hoechlin. Others believe that it should be someone who is relatively unknown, such as Liam Hemsworth or Michael B. Jordan.

No matter who ends up replacing Cavill, they will have big shoes to fill. Cavill brought a level of gravitas and charm to the role of Superman that was unmatched by anyone else who has played the character. He will be greatly missed by fans of the superhero genre.

Who Should Replace Henry Cavill As Superman?

Are There Any Other Actors Who Could Replace Him as Superman?

There sure are! Here are a few actors who could replace Henry Cavill as Superman:

1. Tom Welling

He played the role of Superman in the early 2000s television series “Smallville,” so he’s definitely no stranger to the Superman world. Plus, fans would love to see him back in the role!

2. Tyler Hoechlin

He currently plays Superman on The CW’s “Supergirl” and does an amazing job with it. He would definitely be able to step into Cavill’s shoes if need be.

3. Brandon Routh

He played Superman in 2006’s “Superman Returns” and did a fantastic job. He even looks a bit like Cavill, so that could work out perfectly!

4. Daniel Craig

He’s not necessarily known for playing superhero roles, but he definitely has the acting chops to pull it off. Plus, he’s already played a number of iconic characters, so Superman wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

5. Matthew Bomer

He’s best known for his role on “White Collar,” but he’s also done a great job with voice acting roles in the DC Animated Universe. He could definitely be a good fit for Superman.

Problems With Casting a New Actor As Superman

1. The Man of Steel is an iconic character with a long history, and fans are attached to the actors who have played him in the past. Replacing Henry Cavill with a new actor would be a big change for the franchise, and some fans might not be ready for it.

2. There is always the risk that the new actor might not live up to expectations. Superman is such an iconic character that it can be difficult for any actor to do him justice.

3. There is also the possibility that the new actor might not gel with the other members of the cast and crew. If there is already chemistry between Cavill and his co-stars, it could be hard to recreate that with someone new.


There is no clear-cut answer as to who should replace Henry Cavill as Superman. However, we think that it would be a great opportunity for an unknown actor to take on the role and make it their own. Whoever ends up replacing Cavill, we hope that they do justice to the iconic character and deliver some amazing performances in future Superman movies.