Scottish musician Lulu is confessed to making radical lifestyle changes following she was diagnosed with “frightened”.

We’ll all be celebrating the start of 2022 by setting goals to make our lives better and that’s something Lulu is well-versed in.

After witnessing her father Eddie die because of elevated cholesterol levels, the 73-year old performer decided to make an attempt to keep track of her cholesterol and came to an unsettling diagnosis.

Lulu was “frightened” when her GP informed her that she had increased cholesterol in her own body – her anxiety stemming from fact that it’s a significant risk of coronary heart disease.

The diagnosis made her think about her father’s passing and she reflected: “My father’s death – at age 71 was devastating. He was a man I loved deeply. He was employed at the meat market in Glasgow for a long time and was a superb musician.

“Unfortunately the man didn’t take good care of his body, and he’d been exposed to a number of health warnings which did not get his attention.

“So even though I’ve always tried to look after myself, when I discovered that I had raised cholesterol, memories of my dad’s illness spurred me on and I made sure that I did something about it.”

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She was immediately driven to make changes to her diet to reduce her cholesterol levels.

The reality star confessed that she had thrown away ice cream from her freezer, and she cut out butter on sandwiches and also began to incorporate cholesterol-lowering foods in her daily diet

Lulu has made an effort to begin her morning with a cup of hot lemon water porridge, coffee muesli, yogurt and muesli knowing how crucial the breakfast of the day could be.


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It is suggested that the NHS suggests eating foods rich in unsaturated fats in tiny amounts to reduce cholesterol. This includes oily fish as well as seeds, nuts avocados, avocados, spreads and vegetable oils.

The singer confesses that she ate all of the mentioned foods in addition to taking “loads of water”.

Lulu would rank herself pretty good in regards to her health since she has always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She added: “If I had to rate my health on a scale of one to 10, I’d give myself a nine. I’ve always taken care to exercise and to eat a good diet. I eat organic food, because there are so many chemicals in non-organic produce.”