Mom is taking care of things mom.

Kris Jenner managed to avoid talking about the daughter Kim Kardashian’s newest affair with “Saturday Night Live” actor Pete Davidson thanks to grand-daughter, Stormi Webster, crashing her recent interview.

In her appearance on Friday night during her Friday night appearance on the CNN show “New Year’s Eve Live”hosted by Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, Cohen asked Jenner, aged 66, questions about the couple who’ve been seen in public across the eastern to the West Coastsince Kardashian’s appearance in October on “SNL” — where Jenner and Kardashian were seen kissing during the sketch.

“Everyone talks about Kim [Kardashian]’s connection to Pete Davidson. Have you had the opportunity to meet the couple? What is their relationship like as two people?” Cohen, 53 was chatting with Jenner through video message.

“You’re always digging, Andy,” Cooper asked Cohen, to which Cohen responded, “Yes, I am.”

Just as if it was a sign, Stormi — the three-year-old daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Then, she walks into the frame, shielding Jenner from the awkward moment.

“You have a visitor,” Cooper observed at which point Jenner responded, “I know, that’s the little Stormi. Hey, Stormi. Sit right there,” she said as the baby lay in her lap.

“Nice distraction! Great timing Stormi. Perfect. It’s right on time.”

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Jenner is, in fact, been with the newlywed couple. Jenner was organizing a birthday celebration for Davidson just a few weeks after their wedding. New couple, holding a party for a birthday party to celebrate Davidson just a few weeks after they began courtship.

The trio, along with Public Enemy icon Flavor Flav All three of them posed for a photo-op with a warm glow on the couch, wearing the same Skims pajamas for the party in November.

According to a source, Jenner has been “obsessed” with Davidson,which should