Ed Sheeran reckons TV cartoon South Park ruined any chance of his hair being fashionable on the US.

The extremely successful singer-songwriter was adamant that US fans did not see the color of his locks as a problem prior to an incident in the darkly humorous comedy.

However, Brit Ed is a great fan of the series and would love to be a voice actor himself if ever included in the show.

Ed, 30, stated: “Having red hair in England was always something that people would take the*** * out of you. It was never a thing that was commonplace in America. It was not known what ginger is in America.

“That show South Park f ****** ruining my life. I was traveling to America and everyone was saying “I love your hair, dude. It was like , ‘Oh my God you know, do people really like my hair Do they really?

“And then I remember that episode coming out and that was just it worldwide for the rest of my life.”

On Slam Radio, Ed was referring to episode 136of Ginger Kids, which first air in November of 2005. The episode featured the phrase “the ginger gene is a curse”.

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In the film, Cartman is led to believe that he’s contracted an unidentified and sudden appearance in the form of “gingervitis”.

The episode was allegedly the inspiration for the 2008’s National Kick a Ginger Day in which a number of students sporting red hair were allegedly assaulted.

Sheeran has been featured as a character in The Simpsons cartoon and had a brief appearance in season seven of Game of Thrones.