Pete Davidson & Emily Ratajkowski Dating Details Revealed

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are dating. Emily attended Pete’s setback in October, raising the eyebrows of many people because they have never met before. Likely they met while she was recording another episode of “Saturday Night Live” with Katy Perry. The details of their interaction following the show have not been revealed but it is clear that she liked what she saw. One point to make about Pete Davidson; he is not single!

Who are Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski?

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are dating! Here are the details of their new relationship:

Pete Davidson is a Saturday Night Live star, while Emily Ratajkowski is a model and actress. The two have been spotted together several times over the past few weeks, sparking dating rumors.

Now, it seems those rumors are true! A source has confirmed to PEOPLE that Davidson and Ratajkowski are indeed dating.

“It’s very casual,” the source says of their relationship. “They’re just having fun and seeing where it goes.”

Davidson and Ratajkowski were most recently spotted together at a 2017 MTV Video Music Awards after-party in August. The pair also attended a Broadway show together earlier this month.

Where did they meet?

The two stars first crossed paths at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. Ratajkowski was there to present Davidson with the Best Comedic Performance award for his work on Saturday Night Live, and they were both photographed together backstage.

While it’s unclear if they exchange any words at that time, they appear to have bonded over their mutual love of tattoos. Ratajkowski has several small inkings on her body, including a couple of stars on her right hand, which she showed off in an Instagram Stories video that Davidson reposted on his own account.

When did they start dating?

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski started dating in late 2018 after being introduced by a mutual friend. They were first spotted together at a New York Rangers game in November, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

While the couple has kept their relationship relatively private, they have been seen out and about together on multiple occasions. In February, they took a romantic vacation to Mexico where they were photographed kissing on the beach.

Pete Davidson & Emily Ratajkowski Dating Details Revealed

It’s unclear when exactly the two started dating, but it’s clear that they are head over heels for each other!

Social Media Reactions to New Couples

The news of Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski dating has sent social media into a frenzy. Some are congratulating the couple on finding love, while others are skeptical of their relationship.

Many people are questioning why Davidson would date Ratajkowski, given her history of dating wealthy and successful men. Some believe that Davidson is just using Ratajkowski for her money and status.

Others are more optimistic about the relationship and think that Davidson and Ratajkowski make a great couple. They’re both young, attractive, and successful in their respective fields.

No matter what people think about the new couple, one thing is for sure: they’re definitely getting attention on social media.


The relationship between Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson is both adorable and extremely private. While we may not know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, the two have been spotted out and about looking very happy together. What we do know is that this two are madly in love and we wish them all the best!