Last week, Davidson and the SKIMS head honcho chose to head out in a different direction following nine months of dating.

“Part of they split because on account of their bustling timetables,” an insider recently told PEOPLE of the couple, who were first sincerely connected in October 2021. “The two of them travel constantly and it was hard.”

After their separation stood out as truly newsworthy, West responded on Instagram Monday morning with a since-erased post highlighting a picture of a changed New York Times paper with a title that read, “Skete Davidson Dead at Age 28.”

Beneath the title, one more piece of the phony mockup said, “Youngster Cudi intended to play memorial service however unfortunate of jug hurlers” — a sign of approval for an occurrence that happened at the Rolling Loud Miami celebration last month, where fans in participation tossed water bottles at him. (Cudi, 38, and West have confessed to hamburger of their own.)

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West had recently heaved a few assaults at the previous couple, both on the web and in the press, on different events, remembering for a video for his single “Eazy,” in which the rapper hijacked, restricted and covered a claymation rendition of Davidson, among different cases.
Davidson kidded about visiting the specialist’s office for the matter, saying “perhaps” the Yeezy originator was “right” all things considered. “So a doc let me know I don’t have AIDS. I simply appear as though I have it. So it’s something else altogether,” he said.

Proceeding to deride West’s own affront at him, Davidson said it’s “such an old fashioned thing” to say given that the level of the HIV/AIDS plague was during the 1980s. “John Mulaney called me. He’s like, ‘Helps? You ought to spread talk that he has polio,’ ” he kidded, referring to an illness that has been destroyed in the United States beginning around 1979