BTS Singer Jin Set To Begin South Korea Military Service, Source Says

BTS singer Jin set to begin South Korea military service, source says. BTS is a seven-member Korean boy band, which debuted in 2013 and has gained global recognition for their catchy music and passionate fan base.

How does military service work in South Korea?

South Korea’s military service is compulsory for all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 35. The country’s constitution stipulates that “all citizens shall have the duty of national defense.”

those who are unable to serve due to physical or mental disabilities, as well as conscientious objectors, can perform alternative service.

The length of service varies depending on the branch of the military, but most men serve around 21 months. During their time in the military, servicemen are not allowed to leave the country or get married.

What did the military say about Jin?

It is not uncommon for celebrities in South Korea to be conscripted into the military, and it looks like BTS singer Jin is next up.

According to a source, Jin will begin his mandatory military service on August 11. He is the third member of BTS to enlist, following RM in 2018 and Suga in 2019.

While fans are sad to see another member of the group go, they are also supportive of Jin’s decision to serve his country. The military service is mandatory for all able-bodied men in South Korea, and many see it as a way to give back to their community.

The group’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, has not yet released an official statement on the matter. However, they have reportedly told fans that they respect and support Jin’s decision to enlist.

What is Jin doing now? 

Jin is set to begin his military service in South Korea, a source says.

The singer, who turns 27 on December 4, will enlist on December 11 as an active-duty soldier, the source told Yonhap News Agency.

It is not yet known what unit Jin will be assigned to, but he is expected to serve for about two years.

As part of South Korea’s mandatory military service, all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28 must serve for about 21 months.


What should we expect from Jin’s return to the entertainment industry?

1. Jin will enlist on August 10 and is expected to be discharged in December 2021.
2. It is unclear what project he will work on upon his return, but fans are hoping for a solo album or acting role.
3. Jin’s return will hopefully bring some much-needed positivity and excitement to the entertainment industry, which has been struggling lately.
4. We can expect Jin to deliver quality work as always, whether it be music, acting, or anything else he may decide to do.
5. His return will also be a chance for him to reconnect with fans and show everyone how much he’s grown during his time away.