It appears Kanye West has gone bald on his latest date night with Julia Fox. The couple was spotted out to dinner at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood, dressed casually in hoodies and oversized boots. While a photo shoot may have been on the agenda, Ye was clearly too busy enjoying his dinner with Fox to stop and get his beard shaved.

While the video shows that the two were having a romantic dinner at a fine dining restaurant, Kanye’s beard has to be in the way. The rapper shaved his beard in the back of a luxury restaurant, which is not exactly an unusual scene. In fact, the actress, who is renowned for playing Kim Kardashian in Uncut Gems, is clearly impressed by the way Ye arrived.

The two had dinner separately at Craig’s Restaurant in L.A., where they matched in color and style. Both wore black leather jackets with tweed skirts and jeans. Both were carrying a matching Balenciaga handbag. The two were spotted kissing each other in the restaurant and looking adorable in the pictures.

While the two were at the Pendry Manhattan West hotel, the rapper shaved his beard. A twig of hair was found in his beard. It was not an accident – Kanye had a beard. The twigs were left on his face, which made him look much younger. After the tweeze, Kanye got his beard shaved in the middle of the night. The infamous haircut caused a lot of gossip and rumors.

As a matter of fact, the two were out for a date in December. The two were photographed at the same event – the former at a bar, the latter at a nightclub. After the show, the two went to a show featuring the famous writer. The couple had dinner with Jeremy O. Harris, a friend of the star. The beard shaved in the middle of his Julia Fox date night.

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The couple was also spotted having a photo shoot at the restaurant, and Ye’s beard was cut off in the restaurant. The twerking was accompanied by a picture of the two–and the twerking was so intense that it was hard to believe that the rapper had no idea he was getting a shaved face.