Kim Kardashian has admitted that sister Kourtney Kardashian’s extravagant Elf on the Shelf display has shown her that she has been lazy this year.

Role model

Kim Kardashian says that her sister Kourtney Kardashian has been a role model in regards to her creative suggestions to create Elf at the Shelf this Christmas.

The tradition has been a huge success across the globe with the public and celebrities alike coming up with a myriad of bizarre and fantastic ideas.

And Kim also shared her sister’s latest accomplishments, admitting that she must raise her game.

On the Instagram Stories The SKIMS founder 41-year-old shared an Instagram video of her extravagant setup on the 20th of July.

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I need to get it together in the final days

The display was set behind dangerous caution tape to create the appearance of a construction site. Traffic cones were visible as well as an elf was driving the dumper truck, which was full of bows in the present.

Other toys included in the display include the stuffed reindeer teddy mini Christmas trees, sand and two elves on the sleigh, and the launcher of a rocket.

In the video’s narration, Kim declared: “Kourt just showed me that I’m extremely slow. That’s what Kim taught to me last year. That I’m really lazy.

“I need to get it together in the final days.”

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Ornaments that cost over $1200

She began to think of an idea to come up with an excuse, and continued: “You know what, I’m actually – the Omicron, what’s it called? My elves are gonna get the variant and go back in their Covid jars because I can’t do this.”

She had earlier presented her sister’s impressive collection of beautifully decorated Christmas trees as well as a ginger bread house ornaments that cost over $1200. It was donated to her by her mother Kris Jenner.

She also shared with her followers of 271 million the collection of old decorations that her family would keep at their house as children.

The family has once more made a show of it for the Christmas season, and, while Kim may not have been as successful as their sister’s outfit with respect to her Elf of the Shelf department, she definitely did her part in terms of decorations.

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Christmas Eve party

Kim is hosting duties to host the family’s Christmas Eve party this year. She’s reused the life-size deer statues that were made in years by. They are positioned on top of her enormous tree.

The mother also shared that this year , she chosen to employ a pianist to awake her four kids every day by playing Christmas music.

In the past, she shelled more than 100,000 dollars to illuminate all holiday tree surrounding the $23 million home situated in California during the holiday season.