Carlene Booth, who is from Glasgow said she was too fat for her bed, and was forced to sleep in a spare room from her husband prior to when she had gastric sleeve operation and shed five and a quarter stone.

A woman who is obese has shared that she broke her bed every night prior to the time she had her gastric sleeves operation.

Carlene Booth, who hails from Glasgow said she was so heavy on her bed and the slats would fall down every night, forcing her to stay in the separate room from her husband.

The 31-year-old told the newspaper that she began becoming overweight as a young person and began to develop a food addiction.

The banker says she continued to use this method of coping when she reached 17 stone and 5lbs.

The anxiety of going into lockdown also led her to indulge in a binge.

Carlene has dropped five and a half stones

Today, Carlene has dropped five and a half stones and dropped from to a UK size 20 dress to 12 after she underwent gastric sleeves surgery.

The mother of one said she felt isolated from her peers because they were slimmer than her.

In January 2021 she made the decision that she was done and decided to take things into her own hands.

She stated: “It was January 2021 A new year in which I had made myself promise that I would stay healthy and fit.

“I couldn’t move at all my arms and face. appeared to be about to burst because I was so bloated.

“I was scared of getting Covid because I was breathless and was constantly worried about my breathing being too difficult.

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“One Friday night in January , I felt so down and hopeless, I looked up “help from a GP to lose weight and realized that I could make a payment privately for weight reduction surgery. I knew right away I would be wearing an sleeve.”

Gastric sleeve

The gastric sleeve can be described as a procedure for weight loss in which the stomach is cut down to around 15% of its size. The procedure involves the removal of much from the stomach.

Carlene stated: “My husband has always thought that I was beautiful and has never ever criticized me for my weight.

“He was willing to assist me and I began the process all over again, contacting clinics across the UK and finally settled to go with a company named Tonic Surgery and had my surgery just five weeks later.”

Following the procedure, Carlene adapted her diet and lifestyle to sustain her weight loss.

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100-per cent transformed

She explained: “The first two weeks after surgery were liquids – like broths or protein shakes followed by two weeks of eating pureed food as the stomach lining is healing.

“Now I am able to eat whatever but only in small portions like an appetizer plate or a small bowl.

“In terms of exercising I like to walk each day and engage in exercises to strengthen my muscles like exercises for the entire body.”

She is now more confident and is no longer sleeping in the spare bedroom.

She stated: “It has 100-per cent transformed my life in a variety of ways.”

Carlene added: “I no longer view food the same way food is fuel, and aids in keeping me alive and healthy, while in the past, food was slowing taking my life.

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Body dysmorphia

“I do things without contemplating it. It’s silly such as playing soccer with my son of eight years old Bobby. In the past, I wouldn’t have been capable of. I am forever grateful to my sleeves.”

She also said: “I am learning to take myself seriously again..

“Body dysmorphia” is a major problem for patients who undergo weight loss surgery. Sometimes I don’t realize that I’ve lost over 80 pounds, and yet I expect to have a difficult time with even simple tasks such as showering.

“I see myself at my reflection and see a huge girl , but then I am able to fit into my size 12 clothes , and I need to do an honest look. It’s a long journey, but I’m making progress every day.”