A THREE-YEAR-OLD CHILD surprised his mom by buying farts via Amazon Alexa.

Cheerful Albert Hodges and sister Eleanor Six, both of them, asked an  virtual assistant to let them pass the winds.

After making an unintentional parp sound, Alexa asked if they’d like to purchase an ornament for Christmas. Farts extension Pack.

Pack includes high-end parps

Albert exclaimed “Yes!” — Then mum Gemma received an email from the retailer to thank her for her $1.99 purchase. She told her: “Albert looked very proud of his accomplishments and rolled across the floor laughing. While he was doing this, Christmas fart songs were playing.”

The pack includes high-end parps like dragons and Beethoven style farts.

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NHS nurse Gemma 31, said: “I panicked as to what other items Albert might have bought. It was a good thing it was PS1.99 however, it was a warning signal to disable this feature. This could’ve been a more costly lesson.”

Gemma along with husband Chris of 36, from Southampton told the story that they were playing Albert’s latest joke.

She also said: “He’s our little joker and has found ways to hide his dad’s car keys , or start the washer.”

Amazon warned customers that they can switch off the purchase of voice on the Alexa app.

Review about the Extreme Farts Extension Pack

One mom review about the Extreme Farts Extension Pack

My daughter bought this, with the help of Alexa. Without my knowledge. I had no clue how easy it was to purchase stuff with Alexa, especially for a 7yr old.

However, I wasn’t the least bit upset (hence the 5 stars). I was actually taken aback when I walked by the bathroom door, where my daughter was taking her bath, and heard a bunch of fart noises in the tune of “Happy Birthday”

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It took me a minute to figure out what the heck was going on! But when my daughter said, “hey Alexa! What kind of fart does mommy make?!” (with much excitement and pride) and Alexa proceeded to let out a long, loud, wet sounding fart, I realized where the fart noises were coming from.

Word to the wise…don’t leave your child alone with Alexa. They will download this.

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