Krystle Osbourne received a package from a courier company while she worked. She was left laughing when she checked her email for proof of delivery.

The Filey-based 37-year old woman, from North Yorkshire, was shocked to see the attached photo of her three-year old son poking through the letterbox.

Although the parcel is clearly too large to fit through the letterboxes, young Alfie appears determined to’sign for’ it.

Jam Press spoke to her and she stated that she received an email notification confirming my parcel was delivered. I didn’t check it immediately.

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I’ve had quite a few and it’s always the same chap who delivers from this particular courier.

“The photos are often of my brother or mum’s feet in an open doorway. They look after my daughter and son while I work.

“So, it was only a few days later that I received the parcel. I actually saw the photo he had attached as proof of delivery. It made me laugh.

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“I assume it gave him a giggle too, and that’s why it was submitted.”

The mother added, “As usual, I’m very pleased with the service I get from Hermes and am glad that the delivery chap has a sense for humour.”

“It makes me laugh every time I see it.”

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Hermes was contacted to comment.