In this bizarre new video from Kanye West, the rap star raps from inside a raging ‘rapture tornado,’ which sweeps citizens into the sunlit heavens before they’re tossed down to a fiery death. The cryptic video ends with a series of Biblical stills that seem to depict a pitched battle.

The Yeezy Gap hoodie is a prop in the video, which also features a promo for Ye’s Yeezy hoodie line. The hoodie, which is priced at $80, is featured prominently in the video. The story follows The Weeknd as he beats up his older self while he is being dragged through a dystopian city.

After the somber opening, Ye’s video begins with ants crawling on the weeknd’s hearing aid. Then he sees his past and his future selves. He beats himself up with the help of a giant chainsaw to get to his younger self, and he finds out he’s a different person than he originally thought. The video is full of shaky, twisted images, and weird stuff that’s definitely worth watching.

In the meantime, the hype has begun to fade and anticipation for the new album and video has become increasingly intense. However, the rapper has been cryptic on Twitter as he has continued to promote his album and hasn’t even explained the title of the new project. He wrote: “I wonder… did you know you were experiencing a new trilogy?,” while not mentioning a specific name for his upcoming album. Regardless of what we can expect, we’re left with a lot of questions.

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On Twitter, The Weeknd has been cryptic. In a tweet titled, “Dream FM and After Hours, did you know that you’re experiencing a new trilogy? It is unclear whether the cryptic tweets are about a new album, a new beginning, or a new era for the rapper. The word, “trilogy,” seems to be used to describe his first three mixtapes. It leaves the door open for questions and confusion, but that doesn’t mean the album is a trilogy.