Married at First Sight Australia star Jessika Power has been spotted on a date with TOWIE hunk Pete Wicks. Last month, Jessika gushed on Twitter that she had found ‘The One’ with Filip Poznanovic. However, the pair recently called off their engagement and split. It has been reported that the pair had been texting for the past six months after chatting on Instagram.

Jessika Power reveals dating texts to fans after rumours and brea 1-800-GOT-GAWK: After rumors, the former TOWIE star has revealed that she has been seeing Peter Wicks off camera and in public. In recent days, she’s been seen meeting up with him at the Sainsy’s Pie And Mash Shop on Brentood High Street. She was looking sensational in a blue blazer dress with a plunging neck and sky-high hem.

In recent days, she has been spotted getting close to Pete Wicks in public. The pair also met up at a Pie And Mash restaurant in Brentood, where Jessika wore a plunging lace mini-dress. The couple were spotted having a delicious lunch together. The two stars have remained close ever since.

During the filming of the show, the Aussie blonde wore a low-cut royal blue blazer with strappy heels. Her hairstyle is also iconic – she sports a distinctive bob. The couple sat opposite each other at the restaurant, but embraced each other as the cameras rolled and kissed.

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The two were filmed together during a lunchtime date. The Aussie blonde wore a royal-blue long blazer, strappy heels, and her signature bob. She was joined by Pete, who wore a grey jumper and ripped jeans. The two were seated on opposite sides of a table. When the camera was off, they embraced and shared kisses.

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Following rumours about her affair with Pete Wicks, the reality TV star has opted to stay in the UK for longer. The reality TV star was a prime candidate for the show, despite a recent controversy involving her relationship with a teenager. She later confessed that she was unfaithful to Mark Wright in 2010.