After being a part of  Victoria’s Secret family for almost a decade, the 18-year-old model has now returned as a brand ambassador for the lingerie giant. In a series of behind-the-scenes photos and videos, Bella posed in a red bra with thick white straps and the brand name in block letters in black.

Bella Hadid sported a sheer red top with suspender straps, which hung down her waist. Her thong featured a thick, studded top band and a glittering white belt around her flat tummy. She was seen sitting on a swivel chair in a backyard, while her long, dark brown hair was parted in the middle and a big red bow at the back. A short video on the worker’s post showed Bella sitting on a sofa with plants all around her body, and she wore a white stabilizer on her torso and a pink velvet slip over it.

The red lingerie worn by Bella Hadid was worn over a white bra and matching bottoms. The campaign depicts Bella frolicking through the forest while wearing a lace plaid bra. She wore a giant tulle skirt with matching plaid stiletto boots. The photos are reminiscent of the Alice in Wonderland movie.

Several new products from Victoria’s Secret have been introduced this season. Bella’s red lingerie from the latest holiday campaign looks sensational. The brand announced the release of new products in the fall, including a VS Bodywear line and a red sexy thong for a Valentine’s Day shoot. It is also the first time that a supermodel has appeared in the brand’s ad collection.

While the new lingerie campaign for Victoria’s Secret is a huge success, many are questioning the motives behind the new ads. After all, the campaign was a success and has helped promote the brand’s new lingerie lines. However, it did not last long as the brand had to undergo a rebranding after complaints of sexual harassment.

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Bella Hadid wore a white lace teddy and a red suspender strap for the campaign. She paired the red lingerie with a matching floral robe. Despite her recent troubles with Zayn Malik, she is still a VS collective member and looks hot as ever. This is no surprise, as the brand has helped her achieve her goal of being a better person.