Jenna Johnson, 31 years of age, is a choreographer on Dancing With The Stars. She has been dancing since the infancy of her life. From her childhood when she choreographed for young girl’s ballet class to the present day she caters to the masses of viewers on DWTS with a series of gorgeous moves and routines.

Jenna Johnson’s decision to step back from DWTS

Following Jenna Johnson’s announcement that she would be taking a step back from Dancing With The Stars, many fans have been wondering why. In a recent Instagram post, Jenna revealed that the reason for her decision was the pressure she has been feeling on the dance floor.

Jenna explained that she started to feel the pressure after she found out her wife, Val Chmerkovskiy, was expecting their first child. She revealed that she was worried about dancing while pregnant and didn’t want to put any unnecessary stress on her body.

While it is disappointing that Jenna won’t be appearing on DWTS for the remainder of the season, we understand her decision and wish her all the best during this exciting time!

Stress as a dancer while pregnant

As a professional dancer, Jenna Johnson is used to being in the spotlight and under pressure to perform. But when she found out she was pregnant, she says the pressure she felt on the dance floor was amplified.

“I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself because I wanted to make sure that I was still able to do everything that I could before,” Johnson told PEOPLE exclusively of dancing while pregnant. “I also had this idea in my head that if I could still dance like I did before, then everything else would be okay.”

While Johnson says she never felt like she was in danger of miscarrying, the stress of dancing while pregnant took a toll on her body. She developed carpal tunnel syndrome and had to take breaks more frequently than usual.

“It was frustrating at times because I’m use to just pushing through things,” she said. “But I had to really listen to my body and not try to do too much.”

Overall, Johnson says the experience was a positive one and she’s grateful she was able to continue dancing throughout her pregnancy.

Advantages of being a dancer during pregnancy

Many pregnant women feel pressure to take it easy and avoid physical activity. However, dancing can actually be a great way to stay active during pregnancy. Here are some of the advantages of being a dancer during pregnancy:

1. Dancing helps improve cardiovascular health.

2. Dancing can help strengthen the muscles used during childbirth.

3. Dancing can improve balance and coordination.

4. Dancing can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

5. Dancing can be a fun way to stay active during pregnancy.

Emotional aspects of going on the show while pregnant

Jenna Johnson is a pregnant dancer who recently revealed she was under pressure to compete on Dancing with the Stars while pregnant. In an interview with TooFab, Jenna said that she “definitely felt the pressure” to keep dancing while pregnant and that it was “a lot harder than [she] thought it would be.”

Jenna also said that she was worried about how her pregnancy would affect her dancing and that she didn’t want to let her team down. She added, “I’m so grateful that I have such an amazing group of people around me who are so supportive.”

As a pregnant woman, Jenna is certainly not alone in feeling the pressure to perform. Many women feel pressure to maintain their pre-pregnancy bodies and levels of activity, even when they are expecting. This can be particularly true for women who are in competitive or highly visible professions.

Fortunately, there is growing awareness of the importance of self-care for pregnant women. More and more women are speaking out about the need to listen to their bodies and take things at their own pace, without succumbing to the pressure to do everything perfectly.

Significance of claiming one’s identity

It’s no secret that pregnancy can be a difficult time for any woman, let alone a professional dancer like Jenna Johnson. So, when she revealed on Instagram that she was expecting her first child with husband Val Chmerkovskiy, fans were quick to offer their congrats and well-wishes.

But amidst the excitement, there was one question on everyone’s mind: would she be taking a step back from dancing?

In a recent blog post, Jenna addressed the rumors head-on, revealing that while she will be taking some time off from Dancing with the Stars, she plans to return to the show once her baby is born.

“I wanted to take a moment to address all of the speculations about me and my ‘pregnant wifey step back,'” she wrote. “First and foremost, I am so incredibly humbled by all of your support.”

“It truly means the world to me,” she continued. “I am beyond excited to become a mommy but I am also very aware of how important it is to stay healthy during this time.”

“So yes, I will be taking a little break from Dancing with the Stars but I promise you I’ll be back and better than ever!”

Jenna’s decision to take some time off from Dancing with the Stars is certainly understandable. After all, pregnancy is a crucial time for both mother and child and dancing isn’t exactly known for being gentle on the body

Pressure in the workplace during pregnancy

The pressure that Jenna Johnson felt on the dance floor while pregnant was not just due to her physical condition. She also felt a lot of emotional pressure as a result of her pregnancy. Johnson said that she was constantly worried about her baby’s health and whether or not she was doing enough to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This pressure led to a lot of anxiety and stress for Johnson, which eventually took a toll on her body.

Jenna Johnson’s announcement that she would be taking a step back from Dancing With The Stars, many fans have been wondering why.