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If your playlist does not have HipHop and R&B artist Cony’s songs, you are surely missing out on something big. Cony is a rising music artist whose undeniable talent and hard work have made him what he is today. Cony is making waves in the music industry, his songs continue to amaze the world because of their catchy production and powerful lyricism. The journey is a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone who is struggling in their careers as he went through innumerable obstacles throughout but remains steadfast to his goals and passion. It is his endless efforts, dedication towards his work, and of course his passion for music that allowed him to solidify his spot in the industry. 


The super talented musician, Cony hails from New Jersey and is also known by his birth name, Marcony St. Juste. The powerhouse of talent has set the music industry on fire with his back-to-back hits that have been played in the radio stations across the united states. This is not yet, within a short time,  the rising superstar has achieved milestones with his ultimate love and consistency in his work. Apart from a list of his hit songs, he has also been featured in several publications including Power105.1 interviews. 


The world sees successful artists performing in front of them, but it is not aware of the number of effort and hard work one has put in to reach this point. Likewise, it has been a roller coaster ride for Cony with ups and downs, maybe more downs than ups. But the legendary artist did not let any obstacle, any rejection, come in between him and his goals. With all power and zeal, he overcame every failure that tried to stop him from being the King of music. He exudes what it means to be an artist, putting his heart and soul to create better music for the audience and ruling the music industry with his exceptional skills. 

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The poet turned lyricist is an R&B rapper. His songs are enough to showcase his talent and phenomenal skills in this field. What makes him outstanding than the other artists is his urge to spread his ideas, his message through his songs. His songs are not only a peace to one’s soul, but it has a thoughtful message in it. He uses his music as a weapon to inspire people and convey a message that will revolutionize an entire generation. He has shown the world the correct use of power and influence over the masses. From impactful lyrics and hard-hitting beats to the feeling of pain which reflects through his songs, everything is beyond perfection. 

Artist Cony image while singing on a performance

His tracks paint the picture of his entire journey. The audience does not only listen to his music but it absorbs them at the moment so much that they feel the pain that Cony has felt. Cony has put it all in words, his struggles, his pain, his feelings, his past experiences and it is impossible for the listeners to not feel the same. Cony released his first-ever album in 2019, “Right Now” under the famous music label’s Equity Distribution. Every track of the album speaks for itself and proves why Cony is considered to be a “superstar”. It is not even shocking that his album got immense appreciation from the audience and gained massive traction on streaming platforms like Apple Music. The must-listen album is such a package of beautiful beats and catchy lyrics that it made Cony appear on Billboard’s hip-hop chart as an R&B artist. The R&B maven further broke records with his two bangers, “Confession” and “You” that became a part of everyone’s playlist.

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 His expertise in music and his talent to create a perfect mix of emotions and powerful lyrics have convinced his fans to expect a similar type of energy out of his songs in the future as well. Through it all, he believed in himself taking his career to a level that other artists crave to be at. He’s not just a music artist, but a mentor to the masses who look out to him to gain inspiration and learn from his ways. He made his songs a way to communicate with the audience, express his grief and most importantly set an example that you can achieve your goals no matter how far they may be, with consistency, commitment, and not winning every battle against your problems. 

With the rising talent of the music industry, Cony has set his eyes on bigger achievements. He aims to make it to being a  Grammy winner and work as a manager at an A&R. He is so passionate about music, that he is all ready to get involved in anything related to music. Cony is on an unstoppable ride now; he always has been and will continue to fascinate his fans with his incredible songs shortly. You should follow this amazing artist on Instagram, @scream_cony and listen to his music on streaming platforms like Apple music.