Greg Williams, a celebrity photographer, talks about his art and the technique of taking a candid photograph.

“I don’t think of my subjects as celebrities; I think of them as artists, and my photography is highly collaborative,” said the famous photographer Greg Williams, who is known for his candid images of celebrities.

The photographer went to Italy taking pictures of behind-the-scenes scenes alongside the celebrities who were visiting town to attend this year’s Venice Film Festival.

Dakota Johnson, Rami Malek, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristen Stewart, Timothe Chalamet, Anya Taylor-Joy Zendaya and many more were all taken by Williams.

Williams has explained to This website how he is able to capture these moments and an aspect that is not often seen by famous people through a desire to encourage spontaneity.

“When I begin an assignment I don’t have any prior idea of what I’d like to be able to achieve. I prefer to let in the freedom that is possible when working with others,” he explained. “You get so much more than you could possible come up with on your own when you get to work with some of our generation’s greatest artists and collaborate.”

Williams said he’s been taking photographs since the age of a child and has perfected his techniques.

“I’ve been photographing since I was six years old, and I’m now 49.” After 43 years, I’m convinced I’ve perfected my technique,” he explained. “I operate at a rapid speed. It is no longer necessary to think about where I should set my camera. I know exactly where to capture the image I envision in my head to allow happy accidents to occur which result in the most beautiful photos.”

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It requires a lot of luck and the right place at the right time and Williams is able to bring it all together by using his well-honed talents. When people interact with his subject, he’s as well in his photos.

“You need to be fortunate, but you also must find the perfect spot in the right place at the right time to catch that opportune moment. It is important to understand the ambient light as well as be alert to any small changes that could be necessary in the angle of someone’s face to allow that light to function optimally. All of these calculations can be completed in just a few seconds,” he explained.

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