Khaled Mohamed Khaled is professionally known in the industry as DJ Khaled, is an American DJ as well as record executive and producer of records. Khaled was first noticed as a radio host during the 1990s at 99 Jamz, a radio station. 99 Jamz, and translated his fame into working alongside Terror Squad as a DJ for their live shows.

DJ Khaled posted an instagram video of his sons and wrote”My boys !!!!! @aalamkhaled @asahdkhaled !I love you so much !!!!!!!!!! !

“It is so beautiful when you can teach a kid to be great because they’re born great,” DJ Khaled says.

“God blessed me with two beautiful boys, an amazing queen and mother [wife Nicole Tuck] and blessed me to be a great father,” Khaled shares. “This is the best feeling I ever felt in my life because it’s pure. There’s really no words you can describe the feeling unless you’re a mother or father. It’s just the truth. It’s a feeling that they haven’t even made a word for yet, and it’s unbelievable.”

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What about the possibility of adding to their family? Khaled as well as Tuck are in the same boat regarding the possibility of a third baby.

“I’m ready. I’m ready to go at it,” Khaled declares. “Whatever God blesses us with, we be grateful. I would love for us to have another beautiful blessing and [my] two boys could have a sister. … It’s all in God’s hands and, at the end of the day, we grateful and we enjoying this. Family is everything.”