Towie star Yazmin Oukheillou is distraught after her boyfriend spends the night with a new girl. Amber broke down in tears to Dan Edgar during their first date and explained that she felt she could no longer trust her long-term partner. When Yaz heard about Amber’s feelings, she confronted Lockie and told him to change his behaviour.

Yazmin Oukhellou is distraught after her boyfriend spends the night with a different woman. The TOWIE star was in Dubai last week to work with her boyfriend, Jake Oukhellou. They broke up in February 2020 and she was devastated that her boyfriend had moved on with another woman. Luckily, they rekindled their relationship a few months later after she dumped her ex James Lock.

The news is further evidence that the relationship was never serious. The reality star’s boyfriend Jake had cheated on her with a Love Island contestant named Ellie Jones. The two spent the night together and later broke up. Luckily, Yaz and Jake rekindled their relationship when both were single. It seems they clicked immediately and they are now back together.

While Jake and Yazmin had been dating for about a year, the two have recently been seen out at a nightclub in the UAE. The pair were spotted getting close to each other while she was in Dubai on a date with Ellie Jones. It is unclear how the two met or whether they were just friends – or if it was just a coincidence.

The two had a long-term relationship, but recently, Jake and Ellie started a romance. Despite the rumors, the couple have been dating for almost a year. In the meantime, they have been spotted out in the UAE together at a club. But after spending a night with one another, Jake and Ellie had a kiss.

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Jake and Ellie have been dating for a year. On the last night, Jake was seen with Ellie Jones in Dubai. She remained with him and later went home with him. The two were also seen leaving a nightclub together. The pair were spotted with one another several times. Both of them were in Dubai and were seen getting close to one another. Although both men and women denied the relationship, she has been contacted by the press to confirm the rumours.

Jake and Yazmin Oukhellou’s relationship had lasted a year, but the two remained close. But Jake and Yaz were so in love, they moved from London to Dubai together. However, they were still dating and both had a great time. And they even had a baby together! Despite their breakup, the pair were able to save their relationship.