The 80s pop legend was rushed to hospital after collapsing at her home in south-west France. She was placed in a medically induced coma after doctors discovered ‘bleeding on the brain’. After a day in intensive care, Hazel is expected to make a full recovery. The cause of her collapse is unknown, but it is unclear how serious the situation was.

‘Hazel O’Connor, a legendary 80s singer-songwriter, has suffered a serious medical incident. She was discovered at her home in southwest France on Sunday, September 1, 2022. The hospital where she was taken was unable to diagnose the condition. The doctors rushed her to a nearby hospital, where they discovered that she had suffered ‘bleeding on the brain’. The singer was able to regain consciousness on Monday night, but the recovery process will be long.

After a quick visit to the hospital, the 80s pop icon was rushed to a major hospital where she was diagnosed with bleeding on the brain. The doctors were unsure what caused the coma, but the onset of a coma indicated that the singer was suffering from a major medical event. Her recovery would depend on the next 24 hours.

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The 80s pop legend, who was also known as ‘Hazel O’Connor’, has passed away. The cult film Breaking Glass claimed she was sexually assaulted by comic Benny Hill in 1976. The comedian offered her a role in his hit show in exchange for sex favors. Her death was announced in a news release on Saturday.